February 14, 2019

The Foremost Problem Is Moving to Stormfront

Good news. This blog is moving to Stormfront. The transition might take several months. Current content will remain in place for historical purposes for as long as Blogger allows. You can follow us (and find all new posts) here: The Foremost Problem on SF.

This move was prompted by Alphabet Inc's (Blogger's parent company) checkered history when in comes to protecting free speech, particularly the free speech of heterosexual, White men. Alphabet Inc. and it's subsidiaries (think YouTube) have a long history of denying White men access to their platforms. The method they choose in doing this is particularly odious; they label any White man (and the occasional White woman) with a world-view that runs counter to their globalizing efforts a "neo-Nazi hater." They then use this rubric to deny them access to their platforms.

Of course, the reason they do this is because they are a completely Jew-dominated organization: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Ruth Porat are all Jews, for example. Further, they are Jews who have demonstrated a deep-seated fear of Whites and hostility toward any attempt on their part to pursue their legitimate collective interests.

We considered moving to Wordpress.com, given their reputation for protecting free speech, but they've begun a wave of anti-White censorship as bad as YouTube's.

So, we've decided that we can not, in good conscious, support any institution that does not support the right of White rights activists to speak their truth to the Jewish power structure and have decided to move to Stormfront which has a pro-White perspective, a large and active pro-White community, and a stable and very functional blogging platform.

We hope you'll join us there: The Foremost Problem on SF.

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