April 29, 2017

Ben Klassen Predicted What the Jews Would Do to Someone Like Trump if He Ran for President

The following excerpt is found on p. 51 of Ben Klassen's Nature's Eternal Religion, published in 1973.

Should any honest, natural leader of the White Race try to run for office and make it on his own, the gigantic propaganda machines that the Jews have at their disposal are immediately set in motion. Such a man is then smeared and attacked and vilified. Or sometimes the reverse tactic is used and he is completely blacked out so that the voters hardly know that he is even running. Should such a natural White leader make it despite all these handicaps, then the full power of the propaganda apparatus is brought into play to smear, besmirch and slander him, and downgrade him before the gullible public. The full resources of their money power is also brought into play and in the next election his opponent is well financed, given a tremendous build-up by the news media.

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Terry said...

You're mistaken, Mr. Klassen predicted what the jews would do "should any honest, natural leader of the White race try to run for office..." Surely you're not suggesting that the ├╝ber-Zionist jew licker Trump is that man?