March 22, 2017

Whites Are the True People of Color

The true people of color?
Increasingly, over the last 25 years or so, the term "people of color" has been popularized by Cultural Marxists (aka "liberals" or "progressives"), as a label, to refer to people that are not White. It was developed as an alternative to the term "colored people" because that appellation came from a White cultural context and therefore was anathema to them.

Another reason for developing the term is that they wanted a phrase that would include all of humanity ("colored people" meant black people or people of mixed White and black descent) -- except for Whites. They felt they needed something that would exclude White people from the mass of humanity -- even though Whites are a tiny minority of the world's population (about 11-13%). So much for the good intentions of "the Left". They pay lip-service to concepts like "inclusiveness", "fairness", and "equality" but rarely practice it.

It's odd that they settled on "people of color" because Whites are the true people of color.

Technically, white is a totality of all color evenly mixed together and black is a complete absence of color. For example, in computer science if you're using hexadecimal encoding and you want to color something white, you would type "FFFFFF" which means use the maximum amount of each of the three primary colors: (FF) red, (FF) green, and (FF) blue. In comparison, if you want to make something appear black, you'd type "000000", in other words no red, no green, and no blue.

But you don't need science to prove this point, just look around you. Non-whites -- no matter where they're from in the world (Asia, Africa, the New World, etc.) -- have almost exclusively black hair, black eyes, and dark brown to blackish skin (unless there's a White admixture).

Whites, on the other hand, radiate a profusion of colors. They have hair that is black, brown, red, or blonde -- and every imaginable combination of those colors. The same is true of their eye-color. The eyes of European peoples can be blue or brown/black and everything in between -- green, pale brown, yellowish brown, etc. And of course, the same is true with skin-color. Whites have skin that ranges from as fair as ivory to dark olive and in every shade of those colors possible.

The next time you hear a "liberal" wax on about "people of color" you can smile secure in the knowledge that you've been inoculated against their brand of insipidity. Just know that they hate White people and be wary.


Unknown said...

you have got to be kidding me this is such a stretch. why do whites always have to be apart of something? why can’t REAL PEOPLE OF COLOR ever just find a common ground with each other, even if it’s just a name. you are the reason PEOPLE OF COLOR feel hesitance towards white people. obviously, based on your article, you have either only seen the stereotypical version of REAL PEOPLE OF COLOR or just totally dismiss the fact that PEOPLE OF COLOR vary in many different appearances, and have all color eyes, skin, hair, etc just like white people. one thing white people don’t have (and wish they did to be able to go out in the sun) is the melanin that REAL COLOR, not just a bunch of bullshit about color coding in a computer. and it’s funny how you say that PEOPLE OF COLOR hate whites when, less than a century ago, white people would’ve died than rather be referred to as COLORED. so since you think that white people are the real people of color, you can also take the discrimination that PEOPLE OF COLOR get everyday of their lives. it’s always an issue when whites aren’t in charge of minorities, but no matter how hard they try, white people will always have one thing that REAL PEOPLE OF COLOR don’t: COLOR IN THEIR SKIN

Marisa Mendez said...
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Mildly Majestic said...

Y'all whack