July 2, 2016

The Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books Weekly Update for July 2, 2016

I added another 14 titles, this week, to The Collection, there are now 1069 titles listed in the catalog pages -- all cross-linked to their respective Amazon hardcopy pages, plus any Kindle, PDF, or HTML versions available on the web.

Some of the titles added this week, include:
Fredrik Vejdeland will be released this week from prison. We are continuing with the fundraising campaign for the Forslund-Vejdeland family for a few more months until he is back on his feet, so to speak. Fredrik Vejdeland is a Swedish Nationalist political dissident and journalist who has been imprisoned on manufactured "hate speech" charges -- for things other people wrote on the Nordfront website which he publishes. Beginning yesterday, 100% of all proceeds from purchases, made from Amazon links on this site, go to help his family.

To learn more about our long-term plans for The Collection, please see our "road map."

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