January 30, 2016

The Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books Weekly Update for Jan. 30, 2016

I updated the "copyright" bar at the bottom of each page. It took more than two weeks to do a similar update for the "search function," so, I looked for alternatives. Which meant sculpting a one line Bash script that did the trick. That took me 3 days, but it was better than the alternative of two weeks worth of "finding and replacing" each individual file.

I also figured-out how to "secure copy" the entire website up to the server, rather than uploading one file at a time.

Finally, I also changed the subject of a couple of book pages: Essays of a Klansmen from "Race" to "White Identity" and March of the Titans from "History" to White Identity."

Next week I'm going to "chunk" the "Authors" page, correct spelling of "Adolph" to "Adolf" in the PDF version of Mein Kampf, convert the site to HTTPS, and anything else I might get to.

To learn more about our plans for The Collection, please see our "road map."

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