November 21, 2015

The Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books Weekly Update for Nov. 21, 2015

I started the "housekeeping" work this week. I restored and updated the home page and created a separate page for the "road map."

Also, I updated the "Must Reads" page, which currently contains the 12 books that I think every White man and woman should read, in order to understand the current geo-political situation. I also worked on expanding that list to 101 books. I vetted all 879 books in The Collection and selected the 101 most important, then placed them in the order I think they should be read. Next, I'll create the page with links. That should be available by the early part of next week.

There's a lot more "housekeeping" to do. I originally thought it would take a week or two, but as I got into it, the "todo" list got longer and longer -- currently I think it's going to take another 3-5 weeks to finish. At that point, I'll start Stage 3 and add more books to the list.

To learn more about the plans for The Colchester Collection, please see our "road map."

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