September 5, 2015

The Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books Weekly Update for September 5, 2015

Added another 15 books, this week, to the new and improved catalog pages, for a total of 747 books -- all cross-linked to their respective Amazon hardcopy pages, plus any Kindle, PDF, or HTML versions available on the web.

There are an additional 133 titles in the original catalog pages which are linked to their Amazon hardcopy pages, for a total of 880 books in The Collection. We're hard at work linking them to any electronic versions available on the web. We hope to have all 880 books linked by November of this year (2015).

Some of the titles added this week, include:
To learn more about our plans for The Collection, please see our "road map."


Anonymous said...

You've got a great collection of WN books. Have you listed Ward Kendall's new novel, btw? It's called "Eternity Beach". Haven't bought it yet but it looks good. It's located on Amazon:

Russell James said...

I haven't posted it, but I will add it to the list.

Thanks you!