August 9, 2014

The Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books Weekly Update for August 8, 2014

I added another 78 titles to The Collection this past week for a grand total of 853 titles.

That completes phase 1 of the redesign of the site, the goal of which was to create a list of roughly 850 books and link them to their Amazon hardcopy page. It took a about three and a half months to finish.

I'll begin phase 2 on Monday, which will include a book page on the site for each of the books listed as well as an author page for every author. I will also create a new and improved "Titles" page by adding links to any Kindle, PDF, and/or HTML versions of the listed books that are available on the web. I have about 30 titles already mocked-up in the new, improved list. I hope to publish a starter version of the new list, by the end of next week, so folks can see what it will look like.

I think phase 2 will take about 6-8 months to complete.

To learn more about our plans for the site please see our "road map."

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