July 12, 2014

The Colchester Collection of Nationalist Books Update for 7/12/14

This week, I added 39 more titles to The Collection (and removed one) for a total of 610 books.

I also continued to work on the new and improved "Title" pages, that will be cross-linked, not only to the Amazon hardcopy version of the book (as is currently the case) but to any Kindle, PDF, and/or HTML versions of each title that are available. I currently have 41 titles (in various stages of connectivity) in the new "Title" pages. I haven't uploaded it to the webserver yet, but here's a screenshot:

At this rate I'm hoping to be done with the first iteration of the list (which should have about 850 books altogether, all linked to the Amazon page for that title) by the end of August.

At around that time I should be publishing the first rendition of the new and improved "Title" pages, which I'm hoping will include about 50 titles. I'm further hoping that I'll be able to add 10 additional titles every week thereafter.

To learn more about our long-term plans, please see The Colchester Collection road map.

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