January 1, 2014

Free Software and White Resistance

The powers-that-be seek control over code. They aim to control our language (lingual code), our laws (legal code), our technology (source code), and, more recently, even our genome (biological code). Why they do so is a fascinating, but complex topic that is outside the scope of this blog, however, I would like to talk a little about the White Resistance Movement's use of Free Software, which offers the promise of breaking the regime's control over our technology, which is an important step in stopping White Genocide.

I administer a small number of websites -- some mainstream, others pro-White -- and I've noticed a trend over the years. The visitors to my pro-White sites tend to use Free Software far more often than those to the more mainstream sites that I administer. So I thought I'd look into this tendency a little.

According to Net Applications, a company that tracks technology trends, the overwhelming majority of desktop computer users are running some version of Microsoft Windows, with only two other operating systems registering at all: Mac OS X and Linux.

Here's their breakdown:

Windows:  90.71%
Mac OS X: 7.43%
Linux:       1.73%

I found the following operating system usage patterns for the White friendly websites I maintain:

Windows:  76.36%
Mac OS X: 12.85%
Linux:       10.80%

The interesting thing, here, is that White patriots are more than 6 times as likely to use the Free Software Linux operating system (technically "Linux" is the kernel and "GNU" is the operating system, but I'll go with popular convention) than the sheeple.

I was even more surprised by the browser breakdown. Internet Explorer usage is about even between the two camps, however, Firefox (the only truly free web browser on the list below) is tilted slightly in favor of the good guys. But the real surprise was in Chrome usage. The sheeple are more than twice as likely to use Google's Chrome browser than White Resisters.

StatCounter GlobalStats shows the following, in relation to web browser usage for mainstream web surfers:

Chrome:              40%
Internet Explorer: 28%
Firefox:                20%
Safari:                  9%
Opera:                 1%

Browser usage for visitors to my White pride sites, looks like this:

Chrome:              18%
Internet Explorer: 29%
Firefox:                27%
Safari:                  11%
Opera:                 3%

As noted above, Firefox is the only completely free browser on the list, and it is clearly favored by the resistance. Chrome and Safari are partly free, in that they both use the Free Software layout engine, Webkit. IE and Opera are, of course, completely proprietary.

If you want more info on how you can free your desktop from draconian proprietary software, let me know in the comments below and I'll point you in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a computer geek. This is an interesting topic and I would like to see more information. I've been using Macintosh computers since before home computers had mice!
I am on a MacBook Pro running 10.9.1 and I use Firefox. I have tried Chrome and Safari but I dislike them both.

Russell A. James said...

Here's some articles written a few months ago that explain what free software is. I'll post some links to information about getting and using it in a bit.







And here's the complete list:


Andrew Anglin said...

I have been using Linux for a decade now, and cannot imagine going back to crap Windows.

Though when I first started using it, it definitely required a lot of work, including command line, but right now neither Ubuntu or openSUSE require anything, and Arch and other main distros require very little.

I am hesitant to believe they actually offer too much more protection from the NSA and various other high-scale offenders, but they will definitely keep the lower-level Jews and Antifags out of your business.

Russell A. James said...

Good point on the ease of use issue. GNU/Linux is just as easy (if not easier) to use for a newbie than either Windows or OS X.

As for the other thing, the old saw, that "many eyeballs makes all bugs shallow" is probably true for malicious code, like NSA spyware, as well.

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Retrovit ID said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
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