December 8, 2013

The Real Nelson Mandela

The Cultural Marxists, who control most of the institutions of power in the West (i.e. the government, the media, the academy, the NGOs, etc.), have created a central narrative designed to, as they put it, "induce cultural pessimism in white males." As part of this narrative they promote certain non-White men to near god-like status. So, deeply flawed black males -- like Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Barack Obama -- become the heroic protagonists of an anti-White "mainstream" narrative created in order to strip White men of their confidence and destroy their resistance to creeping Global Socialism.

Nelson Mandela was one of the men selected to be assigned demi-god status. This is why we are told, ad nauseam, about how wonderful he was. The real Nelson Mandela was a racist terrorist (responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent White men, women, and children), so completely indoctrinated with anti-White, Cultural-Marxist propaganda, that he was little more than a useful idiot to those he served. Below is a list of articles from around the web (most published in the last few hours days weeks since his death) that strip-away the heroic narrative built-up around Mandela and reveal him for who he truly was.


Rusty Mason said...
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Anonymous said...

Good, thanks. I recommend that you also go to YouTube and post a quick comment on each of the hundred or so of the Mandela videos there. That will get your message a lot more attention.

Russell A. James said...

I'll try that and see how it goes.