December 29, 2013

The 35 Most Popular Pro-White Websites

(Editor's Note: There's a more complete list of pro-White websites here: Praxis Mag Source Feed.

It's that time of year when everyone goes list-happy.

A few years ago I did a list of "The 25 Most Important Pro-White Organizations." It is by far the most popular entry on this blog. To date, it has received more than 11 thousand page views and is still growing -- getting about 400 more every month.

The intention, at the time, was to update the list every year. That hasn't happened and it is a bit stale -- so I decided to do a new one. That list was subjective, simply a list of what I believed to be the most important pro-White sites, and a small blurb, for each, as to why I put them on the list.

This list is objective -- based on Alexa rankings, not merely my opinion. Also, this is just a list of the sites, no description.

Finally, according to Netcraft's web server survey for December 2013, there are more than 861 million websites in the world. That means that everyone of the sites, on this list, is in the top 1/10th of the top 1% of websites globally. We are starting to make inroads against the anti-White "mainstream" media.

Hope you find it useful.

(Editor's Note: The number beside each link is the global rank of the website as of the time this blog entry was published.)

35. White Genocide Project (729,537)
34. Racist Jokes (726,488)
33. Traditionalist Youth Network (723,960)
32. ANU News (715,306)
31. White News Now (560,034)
30. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (486,368)
29. Darkmoon (484,342)
28. The Political Cesspool (461,837)
27. Incog Man (458,251)
26. Institute for Historical Review (422,141)
25. Gun Owners of America (398,158)
24. Vanguard News Network (378,082)
23. The White Network (339,528)
22. (338,896)
21. Southern Nationalist Network (337,160)
20. Western Voices World News (242,358)
19. Occidental Dissent (218,785)
18. Alternative Right* (215,085)
17. (210,308)
16. The White Voice (199,774)
15. The Occidental Observer (179,043)
14. The White Resister (171,731)
13. Counter-Currents Publishing (163,062)
12. Total Fascism (155,609)
11. NumbersUSA (118,819)
10. The British Resistance (114,141)
9. VDARE (106,297)
8. British National Party (104,852)
7. Vanguard News Network Forum (83,704)
6. TruTube.Tv (71,377)
5. The Daily Stormer (58,629)
4. American Renaissance (53,290)
3. Metapedia (47,966)
2. Top Conservative News (46,982)
1. Stormfront (15,237)

If you know of a site that belongs on this list, please tell me about it in the comments section below (don't forget the link).

*Ownership of the Alternative Right's website URL reverted to it's original owner on December 25, 2013. The ranking is for December 22, 2013 -- three days before it expired. The link is to the new, temporary URL.


Extropico said...

I was surprised not to see

That is ranked #171,274 and would merit #14 on your list.



Russell James said...

Thank you for that. I'm not sure what happened here. I actually had it on my original research list.

Anonymous said...

How popular is

Alexa Traffic Ranks
How is this site ranked relative to other sites?

Global Rank
Global rank icon 4,224,582 1,469,198

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant 4, 224, 582

Russell James said...

I think that's what happened anonymous. I used the address rather than the URL.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a ranking for sites by American rankings too?

Russell James said...

Maybe next year. I thought about that because there are a couple of sites, I'd like to see on this list, but didn't make it because their global rank is too low, but they do have relatively high American rankings.

Anonymous said...

White Rabbit Radio has some great ratings as well. Especially on any given month in the UK. See below

I would also check out

Bob Whitaker started the White Genocide message that White Rabbit Radio and White Genocide Project both promote.

Russell James said... should have been on the list. Although Bob and the BUGSers do a lot of great work, the website doesn't get a lot of traffic.

Anonymous said...

Rank 298,517

It is only 2 months old also, which is very, very good.

Anonymous said...

These are all U.S. based sites? Right? You should post a list based on U.S. rankings too. Just a thought.

Anonymous said... should be on the list. There are so many sites now it's hard to keep track of them all!

Russell James said...

Nope, these are not all US-based sites, they are, however, all English-Language sites.

I will add and Mindweapons. Mindweapons is one of my personal favorites, it was on my research list. Not sure why I don't have it on this list.

Anonymous said...

more sites in better positions than the daily stormer.
Alexa Traffic Rank:13,304
Traffic Rank em FR : 581
Global rank: 14,735
Sweden: 87
Global rank: 24,863
Sweden: 131
Global rank: 46,710
Spain: 1,240
Global rank: 50,888
Australia: 5,168
Global rank: 54,068
Sweden: 335

Anonymous said...

Renegade Broadcasting is currently ranked 454,647 globally.

Anonymous said...

Http:// is a new, quickly growing pro-white forum that you should take a look at. Many Nationalists go there, many have college degrees too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you may find this informative and find some facets of it applicable in your quest for “separatist racial rights”, free of the worldwide dictatorial bias against Whites. After all, the highly vocal, arrogant, deceitful, Semitic supremacist Jewishness clan demands their exclusive “Israeli” racist past, present and future separatist sovereign “rights to exist” and to exclusively own of earth’s real estate, having political “Jewish racial rights”.

First; the Judeo/Christian Bible does NOT teach that “all men are created equal”. Thomas Jefferson wrote that into the U.S. Constitution at a time when Blacks were not considered to be human equals to Euro-ethnic Whites. Thomas Jefferson at that time had about 200 African Black slaves which he never released.

I am a Jehovah’s Witness and therefore have “spiritual brothers and sisters” of many “nations, tribes and tongues”. That is to say, of many ethnic backgrounds throughout the world. We do not practice forced integration. We don’t pretend to be color-blind. We don’t claim to have “equal” cultural values and social norms. Being of many races and backgrounds we do not share the same level of interest in the world’s great variety of life styles and activities. We do not feel the need to “integrate” in order to get along within our worldwide brotherhood nor with the world at large.

For example: by some, I am considered a “little-ole’ Whitey ‘cracker’”, blue eyes, curly hair (snow- white in my youth and now in my old age, silver-grey) and of German extraction. All my life I have high-tech precision engineering interests. Since the White races excel in high-tech fields, I prefer the company of “Whites” of similar clean, orderly interests and cultural/social walks of life. My global “Christian Brotherhood” does not consider me a “bigot racist” for preferring to live and work among “Whites”. It is surely gross denial of our basic human rights, being forced to have incompatibles living among us “white technical nerds” and force us to support foreign to us life-styles and interests. Especially if they are parasitic, impudent irresponsible mass-welfare breeders, are callous, hostile, vain and ruthlessly destructive and wasteful of things of high value. Yet their so-called ”minority” incompatible cultural and social life-styles continue having their “ethnic rights” , “heritage rights”, “minority rights”, “civil rights”, “equal rights”, etc ... and their own exclusive racist “turf”.
That is ludicrous. - Not ignorant, which can be fixed, but stupid, which is forever.

The apostle Paul counseled: “... let him who does not want to work, also not eat”. What is more, Jehovah God does not get involved mankind’s racial issues. He is not partial. His requirements are on an individual basis. Anyone (singular), of any “nation, tribe and tongue” who fears God and obeys the laws (Jehovah God’s commandments) is acceptable to Him. To reiterate; only obedient individuals within human groups are acceptable. That does not qualify disobedient individuals in race, ethnicity, etc before Jehovah.

Anonymous said...

Better than StormFront with just
as high a ranking.

Obie said...

Damn, looks like mine didn't make it. There's always this year--or maybe next.

Anonymous said...

When did National Gun Owners have anything to do with race. Pro White??? LOL guess you have something from the site that validates your racial propaganda?
As a side note. White is a color not a race. How ignorant can people be??

Anonymous said...

Funny Niggas Jokes said...

You Must also mention TP Event
It is ranked 312490

Unknown said...
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4araw said...

Best PRO-WHITE and JEW-AWARE website :

This website towers way above all of the rest listed as Mt Everest towers above mediocre hills.

NAPWP said...

You forgot The National Association for the Protection of White People (NAPWP):

Ken said...

First time. Live in Philadelphia.and taste the hate every day need my brothers now this is war

New Look Laser Clinic said...

We are the oldes one in this business. go have a look.

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised not to see on your list.

Russell James said...

For a more complete list of pro-White websites see the Patriot Portal which at present contains links to almost 700 sites including Advocacy Groups, Book Sellers, Music Providers, eCommerce shops, and much, much more: