January 26, 2013

White Power: White Domination of Strength Sports

I'm well aware of the controlled media's biases and their penchant for "disappearing" both the achievements of White men and any representation of authentic White masculinity. So, I'm never surprised by the endless crowing about "black athletic supremacy". Nor am I surprised when they promote those sports that blacks tend to do well in and ignore sports Whites dominate.

They bombard us with images of black athletic superiority. Their talking heads and other pundits reinforce that imagery with incessant cackling about how "athletic" this or that black athlete is. No matter how good a White athlete is, he is never called athletic; maybe gritty, or hardworking, or "old school," but never "athletic" or even "talented." No wonder most people think blacks are superior athletes.

That's why I was struck by the Whiteness of the 2012 World's Strongest Man competition while watching a replay of it on Youtube last weekend. That Whiteness was made even more striking by the fact that the event was recorded just outside Los Angeles -- in possibly the most "diverse" county in America -- yet all ten of the athletes in the final, were White. And that is just an extension of the racial reality of strength competition.

Year in and year out, over 90 percent of the World's Strongest Man competitors are White. And what's more, the few non-Whites who are invited to the competition for "diversity's" sake, routinely place in the bottom half of the competition. Usually dead last or very near it. This, of course, shows that they are really not qualified but are given the opportunity because of the event organizers anti-White desire to promote "diversity."

White domination extends to all other strength sports as well. In fact, White men dominate any athletic endeavor founded in strength. Since their inception, they have dominated power-lifting and Olympic weightlifting competitions. They tend to predominate in the "field" events of track & field, Olympic wrestling (both freestyle and Greco Roman), and are even over-represented in the offensive lines of the NFL. (A sport administratively controlled by Jews, that has a long history of anti-White discrimination.)

Media experts and other anti-Whites attempt to explain away White domination in strength sports with the usual canards that non-Whites don't do well in these areas because of poverty or a lack of opportunity. But that doesn't hold water.

Blacks like to say that they are "ghetto rich." Black kids have everything White kids have. They have the most expensive video gaming consoles, $200 sneakers, and many of them have enough "bling" to sink a battleship. Further, weightlifting equipment and gym memberships aren't that expensive (today, many gym memberships are $10 or less per month).

Because of the historic stigma in White culture against weight-training and the glorification of the physical in black culture and because black culture promotes the entertainment field (including sports) as a quick and easy way to get rich -- weight-training is much more popular in black communities. Percentage-wise there are far more black youths lifting weights than Whites. Also, as mentioned above, because of the dearth of qualified black strength-athletes and the politically driven desire of strength event organizers to include more non-Whites, it is Whites who find that their opportunities are increasingly curtailed.

The real reason for White success in strength sports is almost certainly genetic. They probably have more white -- or slow-twitch -- muscle fiber, which is responsible for strength. Just as blacks tend to predominate in sports where speed is emphasized because they have more red -- or fast-twitch -- muscle fiber.

Whites, particularly White athletes, need to speak-up against the ongoing discrimination and displacement of White men in sports.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your articles. I found this link via the Castefootball.us website. Again, great work! I've noticed the dominance of whites in strength sports for years. I still think, however, that strength sports (in particular Olympic and power lifting) require tremendous recruitment of fast twitch muscles. Absolute strength and speed are directly proportional under this restraint: absolute strength increase facilitates greater speed when body weight is held constant, or sufficient enough to still have an overall increase in force output; in other words, by increasing mass specific force.

Russell A. James said...

I agree about the "fast-twitch" muscles. And, of course, their are other factors. On average, Blacks appear to have long limbs in relation to their torso. Longer legs would contribute to running speed, longer arms would be a liability when it comes to leveraging upper-body strength.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty fitting I found this blog, I actually just did a post myself about the hypocrisy of race in sports and what is accepted between black/white.


Russell A. James said...

@EruditeKnight I checked out your site. Good work. I have a well-"followed" Twitter account that I use to tweet-out important articles. I'll add your site to my feed.

Paul Concert said...

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