January 23, 2013

What Happened to America?

In the middle of the 20th century, America was the envy of the world. A beacon of freedom, it was still rejoicing in its vibrant, post-war economy, its population had exploded due to the "baby boom," and its people were the freest in the world. It was a nation aware, and justifiably proud, of its accomplishments. It produced more than any other nation. It had large stable families in which men and women worked together to raise strong future adults. It had industrial and political leaders that took pride in their social responsibilities. It had the lowest crime rate in the world, with a correspondingly low incarceration rate. It had shining cities that were the jewels of the world. Its infrastructure was second-to-none. It had the best healthcare system, an honest government, low taxes, and a booming economy. Its people were rightly proud of it -- and loyal to it. What happened in the intervening half century?

Today, America's decaying inner-cities are cesspools of crime and blight. Black-on-White assault, muggings, robberies, home invasions, car-jackings, rapes, and murders are the norm. Graffiti and decay are everywhere. Elderly residents are afraid to venture out -- day or night. The poverty rate is rising even faster than the tax rate that overburdens America's working class. Diseases like tuberculosis, that had once been eradicated, have returned. New diseases like AIDS pop up semi-regularly. Ideas like civic duty, patriotism, and freedom are openly scorned. Its healthcare system is failed and its education system is corrupt -- focused on teaching "tolerance" and other socialist ideologies, rather than giving its students an education useful in the real world. Political and financial corruption are rife. Its economy is dying. Its good-paying, manufacturing jobs are off-shored and unfettered mass immigration allows hostile, third-world invaders in to take the service jobs that can't be sent overseas. Those invaders are then given social welfare largely unavailable to the average American and taught to resent White America. Ennui and civic indifference grow daily.

Attacks on constitutionally protected freedoms are frequent. Increased substance abuse (especially abuse of prescription medications) abounds. The institution of family is ridiculed and subverted. Every kind of sexual deviancy is advanced as normal. Everyone, including children, are encouraged to be as promiscuous as they like. At the same time abortion and birth control are heavily promoted leading to a dangerous decline in our birthrates. White American women are having 1.3 children per each - the replacement level is 2.1. Aggravating this problem is the fact that, increasing numbers of the children White women, are having, are non-White. White America is going extinct. This deplorable fact is frequently lauded by corporate and civic leaders alike. The media barrages us with hyper-sexual, near-pornographic images of ourselves and invariably portrays White men as weak, foolish, and inferior in every way to women and non-White males. And America is enmeshed in . . . read more

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