September 15, 2011

The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win

It has been a long dark (pun intended) night for White folks, world-wide. Our countries have been flooded-with alien non-Whites (who, as soon as they land on our shores, are taught hatred and contempt for us - not to mention how to game the system), we are taught lies about our history, our women are taught to hate White men, and our children are taught contempt for their parents and all those who came before. Fortunately, a small but important victory for White rights was achieved recently at the Worcester Public Library (WPL).

North East White Pride (NEWP) a regional White rights and advocacy group, active around New England, was holding meetings at the WPL when they were viciously attacked by an extremist hate group, that calls itself the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party (PLP). (For more on that, see Parts I & II of this series.)

Their assault on NEWP members peacefully assembled in one of the library's conference rooms culminated in NEWP (yes, the victims of the attack) being . . . read more


PRobertson said...

Great article Russ! For once the good guys win!


You still should pursue a Title V lawsuit for civil rights violations in Federal Court. It does not matter that the library finally capitulated. They should get legal punishment for caving to the enemy in the first place. You have a slam dunk case and you should pursue it. Period. Until whites start pursing legal justice in the courts, periodic capitulation to our rights to avoid paying legal damages means nothing.