July 17, 2011

The Art of Suppression, Part II

(In an effort to hold our public officials accountable, we are trying to raise awareness of this issue throughout the pro-White community and beyond. Please link this to every forum, social network, or website you think might be useful. If you are a blogger, please consider republishing this on your blog. Thank you in advance - Ed.)

The Art of Suppression, Part I

As many of you are aware, North East White Pride (NEWP) has been meeting at the Worcester Public Library (WPL) since November 2010. We met there, without incident, for four months, until a local, anti-White, hate group, calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party (PLP), learned about our meetings. They organized a campaign of intimidation that cowed the City Manager into ordering head librarian, Mark Contois, to call and ask us to reschedule our February meeting. If you'd like to know more about that part of this ongoing saga, please see Part I of this story.

As an act of good faith, we agreed to reschedule. The library's scheduling agent, Denise McGinley, in violation of our civil rights, dragged her heels and gave us the run-around for three months. We were finally able to secure a time slot for our rescheduled February meeting on May 21. Prior to the Communist hate group meddling in our affairs, we had no problems scheduling meetings.

On the 21st, four NEWP members gathered in the room we had reserved and after about 10 minutes three new faces arrived. It was pretty clear that they were anti-Whites, but the meeting was open to all and we were eager to talk with those that opposed us, because we are convinced that our positions are so reasonable that nobody who understands them could possibly continue to be opposed to them. Our basic position is that if we are going to live in a multi-cultural society, based on a politics of identity, then White people need to develop their identity and they need to have representation at all levels of society. Our assumption that no one could possibly argue with such a reasonable position proved true -- about 20 minutes into the discussion, the antis began agreeing with us.

We had a pretty pleasant discussion for roughly another 30 minutes or so, when out of nowhere, a group of about 8-10 communist thugs rushed into the room, wearing face-coverings, and attacked us from behind. One of them had a bicycle u-lock which he began battering people with. He hit three of us with the lock, including a man in his 60's whom he struck in the forehead and knocked-down. He was treated by paramedics. Others among their group grabbed chairs and began swinging and throwing them at us. We remained calm and weathered the storm, never striking back, because we understand that the thugs are backed by powerful Jewish interests and they want us to defend ourselves so they, and their backers, can proclaim to the world that we attacked them and put us in prison. The attack lasted about 2-3 minutes, when all of the thugs ran off.

Bicycle U-Lock

The three Communists that we were talking with, were, of course, not attacked -- showing that they were, in fact, members of the attacking group. However, because they agreed with so much of what we had to say, they actually tried to intervene and stop their comrades from attacking us.

The leader of the PLP, Gordon Davis of Worcester, and his wife, Gwendolyn, came in behind the attackers and started shouting that they had been attacked by us. Yet they were never in the room where the attack took place. They also filed a false police report claiming that they were hit by a chair (again, they were never near the area where their fellow Communists were throwing chairs). They also claimed that they did not know the other attackers -- yet they are the leaders of the group that attacked us.

Gordon and Gwendolyn Davis (She's holding the purplish sign, he's behind and to her left)

The police came and took a report. We identified several of the attackers, including, Daragon Carson (the guy with the bike lock) and Gordon and Gwendolyn Davis from a video the PLP made, back in February, and posted to YouTube. At the time of this report, almost two months later, there have been no arrests.

We are determined to ensure that White rights advocates are allowed to meet in publicly available spaces to organize on behalf of White people without fear of violence from Jew-dominated groups like the PLP and others. Toward that goal we decided that we would continue to meet at the WPL, every month, just like many other racial, ethnic, and identity groups do. We tried to schedule a meeting for June. We were not able to get a time slot until July 16. And then the library reneged. More on that, in part III of this series.

The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win


Anonymous said...

An obvious violation of free speech rights by using purported threats to public safety. Contact the ACLU for help. Careful, Gordan Davis is part of Worcester's ACLU.

Rusty Mason said...

So what will you do about this?

Russell A. James said...


Our aim is to hold our public officials accountable. At minimum, those who took part in denying us our civil rights, must resign their positions. We're also considering legal action. More, on our response to this outrage, will be coming in Part III of this series.