July 3, 2011

Annual North East White Pride "Close the Border" Demonstration

Every year around this time, North East White Pride activism heats up along with the weather and you can count on three things: the Stars and Stripes to come out, the fireworks to go off, and the committed men and women of North East White Pride to be standing on the street corners near Liberty Park in Hudson, NH fighting to preserve the rights and culture of White people everywhere.

This year's "Close the Border" demonstration, held yesterday, July 2, was the most successful yet. Almost two dozen White Rights Advocates from as far away as Mystic, CT joined together to celebrate their country's proud past and to fight to ensure a future for their children in a society increasingly bent on destroying White Culture, Heritage, and Way of Life.

In many ways this year wasn't much different from past years, the officers of the Hudson Police Department were professional, the locals were supportive, and the few non-Whites that were around were as aggressive and hateful as always. We did have a slightly larger turn-out than past years and we had our first bit of drama when some teenage Hispanics decided to come over and confront us with their usual racist, obscene rantings. It makes you wonder where their parents are and why they don't teach their children to have respect for adults and the people that built the country they are so desperate to live in.

But all-in-all it was a great success. Of the thousands of cars that passed-by, we received hundreds of beeps and thumbs-up with fewer than a couple dozen negative responses. Of course, all the people supporting us were the hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding White residents of the area, while the people against us were almost all Hispanic or belonged to some other Privileged Identity Group with a long-standing (and irrational) hatred of Whites.

If you were unable to make it, we hope to see you next year.

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Bird of Paradise said...

Close the border support the arizona law and stop OBAMA and HOLDER and the sinister plans of the CFR