February 23, 2011

The Art of Suppression

White Americans are growing aware that something is very wrong in their country. They are slowly awakening to the fact that they have been robbed of their traditions, their past has been perverted, their culture and way of life is being destroyed, and that they, increasingly, are being denied basic rights and freedoms that are supposed to be protected by the US Constitution. Of these the freedom of speech - for White people - is being encroached upon daily. Yesterday, I had mine delayed.

I belong to a White rights advocacy group, North East White Pride (NEWP), that holds regular meetings around New England. NEWP is a staunch advocate of freedom of speech and we encourage dispossessed Whites to come and meet with us to discuss issues of concern to them and their possible solutions. Attendance is generally 5-25 people.

We have been meeting at the Worcester, MA public library since November, without incident, even given that the patrons of the library are almost completely non-White. In fact, the only Whites I have seen there are members of our group and library staff. This is the primary reason we chose Worcester as a meeting place - many White residents have visited our website and lodged complaints that the city they grew-up in, has become alien and hostile to them and that local authorities show no concern for their rights, traditions, and heritage.

When we originally decided to host meetings at the library we contacted the library staff to ascertain their position. We explained to them that we were a White advocacy group and they assured us that because the library was a publicly funded institution, our group had as much right as any other, to reserve one of their conference rooms. Yesterday was the first time, in four months of meeting there that we have had any problem.

At approximately 7pm on Monday night somebody named, Jared Going, posted a message to the forum of a powerful, well-funded, anti-White hate group known as One People's Project. Like many of these groups they masquerade as a "civil rights" organization and cloak themselves in a mantle of "concern," but in fact, they are virulently hostile to the interests of Whites and always seek to thwart any discussion of the issues that concern Whites, particularly of those issues of concern to heterosexual, White men of the working and middle classes. The message announced that we were . . . read more

The Art of Suppression, Part II
The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win

(Editor's note: This group, in tandem with the black mayor pro tem of Charlotte, NC was also responsible for forcing the cancellation of another event, the American Renaissance Conference, attended by White rights advocates, meeting in that city two weeks ago. This is a crime that they have been committing - and getting away with, aided and abetted as they are by the powers-that-be - all over the country for years.)


cybercutealicious@yahoo.com said...

That is so ridiculous. Any way to figure out their funding sources!

WAY to go on your comment to the rabbi. So sooo true.

The sad truth of the jews is they believe a mulitracial state will be safe for them because of the "holocaust" a myth that never happened. And the really sad part is.. actually the safest thing for them would have been a all white state.

Ryu said...

How interesting. There are no coincidences, and some people would just pass off your experiences with all those beaurocrats as chance.

I followed you here from the spearhead. Nice to see another white man.

Russell A. James said...

Thanks for poppin' over. I recognize you (well, your screen-name anyway) from The Spearhead. I've enjoyed your comments there.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, Sir! You are raising White awareness of the struggle against "Jewish Supremacy"- in quotes because that is the name of a book by David Duke.