September 15, 2011

The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win

The Art of Suppression, Part I
The Art of Suppression, Part II

It has been a long dark (pun intended) night for White folks, world-wide. Our countries have been flooded-with alien non-Whites (who, as soon as they land on our shores, are taught hatred and contempt for us - not to mention how to game the system), we are taught lies about our history, our women are taught to hate White men, and our children are taught contempt for their parents and all those who came before. Fortunately, a small but important victory for White rights was achieved recently at the Worcester Public Library (WPL).

North East White Pride (NEWP) a regional White rights and advocacy group, active around New England, was holding meetings at the WPL when they were viciously attacked by an extremist hate group, that calls itself the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party (PLP). (For more on that, see Parts I & II of this series.)

Their assault on NEWP members peacefully assembled in one of the library's conference rooms culminated in NEWP (yes, the victims of the attack) being suspended from using the library's conference rooms. NEWP sought legal help from a number of local attorneys - all of whom refused to take the case. We were forced to turn to the ACLU for help and they determined that our rights absolutely were violated and offered their services.

After receiving a letter from the ACLU, the library board decided to hold a series of public meetings to determine if changes should be made in library policy concerning the reservation of conference rooms. It was clear the library was going to implement policies that would make it impossible for Politically Incorrect groups (i.e. groups seeking to protect the rights of Whites or of men) to meet at the library.

NEWP members attended to defend the rights of Whites in central Massachusetts (and to set a precedent for pro-White advocates everywhere) to use the WPL's conference rooms. Anti-White agitators also showed in an effort to limit the rights of Whites. The library committee tasked with hearing the arguments ultimately decided in favor of justice (for once) and voted to recommend to the full board that library policy not be changed. The full board concurred and White Rights Advocates will still be allowed to reserve rooms at the WPL.

I'm happy to report that several members of the board and staff of the library privately assured us that they were 100% behind our right to freedom of speech and they, personally, were growing aware that something is very wrong in America when violent groups of Jewish agitators can commit hate crimes against Whites - peaceably assembled in an effort to petition their government for redress of grievances - and not be arrested.

I'm also happy to report that because of the publicity the attacks created for our group we gained several new local members. We originally started holding the meetings at the WPL because residents of the area have repeatedly contacted us asking if we would organize in that area. Their is much concern on the part of White Worcester residents that their beloved city is moving in the wrong direction with racial-flooding absolutely destroying the White community, culture, and way of life of the region.

July 17, 2011

The Art of Suppression, Part II

(In an effort to hold our public officials accountable, we are trying to raise awareness of this issue throughout the pro-White community and beyond. Please link this to every forum, social network, or website you think might be useful. If you are a blogger, please consider republishing this on your blog. Thank you in advance - Ed.)

The Art of Suppression, Part I

As many of you are aware, North East White Pride (NEWP) has been meeting at the Worcester Public Library (WPL) since November 2010. We met there, without incident, for four months, until a local, anti-White, hate group, calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party (PLP), learned about our meetings. They organized a campaign of intimidation that cowed the City Manager into ordering head librarian, Mark Contois, to call and ask us to reschedule our February meeting. If you'd like to know more about that part of this ongoing saga, please see Part I of this story.

As an act of good faith, we agreed to reschedule. The library's scheduling agent, Denise McGinley, in violation of our civil rights, dragged her heels and gave us the run-around for three months. We were finally able to secure a time slot for our rescheduled February meeting on May 21. Prior to the Communist hate group meddling in our affairs, we had no problems scheduling meetings.

On the 21st, four NEWP members gathered in the room we had reserved and after about 10 minutes three new faces arrived. It was pretty clear that they were anti-Whites, but the meeting was open to all and we were eager to talk with those that opposed us, because we are convinced that our positions are so reasonable that nobody who understands them could possibly continue to be opposed to them. Our basic position is that if we are going to live in a multi-cultural society, based on a politics of identity, then White people need to develop their identity and they need to have representation at all levels of society. Our assumption that no one could possibly argue with such a reasonable position proved true -- about 20 minutes into the discussion, the antis began agreeing with us.

We had a pretty pleasant discussion for roughly another 30 minutes or so, when out of nowhere, a group of about 8-10 communist thugs rushed into the room, wearing face-coverings, and attacked us from behind. One of them had a bicycle u-lock which he began battering people with. He hit three of us with the lock, including a man in his 60's whom he struck in the forehead and knocked-down. He was treated by paramedics. Others among their group grabbed chairs and began swinging and throwing them at us. We remained calm and weathered the storm, never striking back, because we understand that the thugs are backed by powerful Jewish interests and they want us to defend ourselves so they, and their backers, can proclaim to the world that we attacked them and put us in prison. The attack lasted about 2-3 minutes, when all of the thugs ran off.

Bicycle U-Lock

The three Communists that we were talking with, were, of course, not attacked -- showing that they were, in fact, members of the attacking group. However, because they agreed with so much of what we had to say, they actually tried to intervene and stop their comrades from attacking us.

The leader of the PLP, Gordon Davis of Worcester, and his wife, Gwendolyn, came in behind the attackers and started shouting that they had been attacked by us. Yet they were never in the room where the attack took place. They also filed a false police report claiming that they were hit by a chair (again, they were never near the area where their fellow Communists were throwing chairs). They also claimed that they did not know the other attackers -- yet they are the leaders of the group that attacked us.

Gordon and Gwendolyn Davis (She's holding the purplish sign, he's behind and to her left)

The police came and took a report. We identified several of the attackers, including, Daragon Carson (the guy with the bike lock) and Gordon and Gwendolyn Davis from a video the PLP made, back in February, and posted to YouTube. At the time of this report, almost two months later, there have been no arrests.

We are determined to ensure that White rights advocates are allowed to meet in publicly available spaces to organize on behalf of White people without fear of violence from Jew-dominated groups like the PLP and others. Toward that goal we decided that we would continue to meet at the WPL, every month, just like many other racial, ethnic, and identity groups do. We tried to schedule a meeting for June. We were not able to get a time slot until July 16. And then the library reneged. More on that, in part III of this series.

The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win

July 3, 2011

Annual North East White Pride "Close the Border" Demonstration

Every year around this time, North East White Pride activism heats up along with the weather and you can count on three things: the Stars and Stripes to come out, the fireworks to go off, and the committed men and women of North East White Pride to be standing on the street corners near Liberty Park in Hudson, NH fighting to preserve the rights and culture of White people everywhere.

This year's "Close the Border" demonstration, held yesterday, July 2, was the most successful yet. Almost two dozen White Rights Advocates from as far away as Mystic, CT joined together to celebrate their country's proud past and to fight to ensure a future for their children in a society increasingly bent on destroying White Culture, Heritage, and Way of Life.

In many ways this year wasn't much different from past years, the officers of the Hudson Police Department were professional, the locals were supportive, and the few non-Whites that were around were as aggressive and hateful as always. We did have a slightly larger turn-out than past years and we had our first bit of drama when some teenage Hispanics decided to come over and confront us with their usual racist, obscene rantings. It makes you wonder where their parents are and why they don't teach their children to have respect for adults and the people that built the country they are so desperate to live in.

But all-in-all it was a great success. Of the thousands of cars that passed-by, we received hundreds of beeps and thumbs-up with fewer than a couple dozen negative responses. Of course, all the people supporting us were the hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding White residents of the area, while the people against us were almost all Hispanic or belonged to some other Privileged Identity Group with a long-standing (and irrational) hatred of Whites.

If you were unable to make it, we hope to see you next year.

February 23, 2011

The Art of Suppression

White Americans are growing aware that something is very wrong in their country. They are slowly awakening to the fact that they have been robbed of their traditions, their past has been perverted, their culture and way of life is being destroyed, and that they, increasingly, are being denied basic rights and freedoms that are supposed to be protected by the US Constitution. Of these the freedom of speech - for White people - is being encroached upon daily. Yesterday, I had mine delayed.

I belong to a White rights advocacy group, North East White Pride (NEWP), that holds regular meetings around New England. NEWP is a staunch advocate of freedom of speech and we encourage dispossessed Whites to come and meet with us to discuss issues of concern to them and their possible solutions. Attendance is generally 5-25 people.

We have been meeting at the Worcester, MA public library since November, without incident, even given that the patrons of the library are almost completely non-White. In fact, the only Whites I have seen there are members of our group and library staff. This is the primary reason we chose Worcester as a meeting place - many White residents have visited our website and lodged complaints that the city they grew-up in, has become alien and hostile to them and that local authorities show no concern for their rights, traditions, and heritage.

When we originally decided to host meetings at the library we contacted the library staff to ascertain their position. We explained to them that we were a White advocacy group and they assured us that because the library was a publicly funded institution, our group had as much right as any other, to reserve one of their conference rooms. Yesterday was the first time, in four months of meeting there that we have had any problem.

At approximately 7pm on Monday night somebody named, Jared Going, posted a message to the forum of a powerful, well-funded, anti-White hate group known as One People's Project. Like many of these groups they masquerade as a "civil rights" organization and cloak themselves in a mantle of "concern," but in fact, they are virulently hostile to the interests of Whites and always seek to thwart any discussion of the issues that concern Whites, particularly of those issues of concern to heterosexual, White men of the working and middle classes. The message announced that we were holding a meeting at the library and that forum members should inundate the offices of the city manager and head librarian with calls and emails threatening "problems" if we are allowed to meet. (He has since added to the original post and it is increasingly clear that this group is eager to use violence to silence our voices. Hopefully, local law enforcement and the FBI [because this group is from out of state] will investigate.)

At 1:30pm the next afternoon I received a call from the head librarian, Mark Contois, in which he read me an email he had received from the city manager asking us to please reschedule the meeting because of "security concerns" of the city manager and chief of police. Their stated reason for concern was that a black pride group was meeting across the hall in another conference room. I said, that our discussion group certainly wasn't violent and asked if he felt their group was. He said he didn't believe so, but would I please consider rescheduling. As an act of good faith, I agreed to reschedule. (I should note that he also said that he was not asking them to reschedule, because they had reserved their room first. Fair enough.)

I have confidence that Mr. Contois, the city manager, and the police chief are acting in good faith, but I also know that the bigots at One People's Project and their powerful backers are going to make it very difficult for them to honor their oath to uphold the constitution. I'm not writing this entry to complain, but rather to illustrate how hard-left idealogues operate and to show that their operation would be impossible without funding and cooperation from immensely powerful vested interests in government, finance, media, and non-governmental organizations, like local synagogues.

Just prior to Mr. Contois's call I received the first of many from the local media. A reporter, Jackie Ries, with the Worcester Telegram, wanted to know if our meeting was connected to the local kidnapping, robbery, beating and racial humiliation of a young White kid by a 35 year old black bouncer that was currently making the rounds on Youtube. I told her I didn't know anything about that story and that our meeting had been scheduled weeks before. She asked a few more questions and hung-up. It was clear from her tone and attitude that she has a real problem with heterosexual, white men and nothing but contempt for the issues that concern them. This fact was borne-out by the mendacious article the Telegram published a few hours later - which not only got basic facts wrong (e.g. she [intentionally?] misidentifies the group as North East White Power) but completely misrepresented my statements. This is a common tactic of the mainstream media when reporting on issues of race, especially of partisan Jewish "reporters" like Ms. Reis. They believe that by smearing White advocates with the false label of "hater" they are justified in silencing our speech. We certainly are not "haters" and even if we were our speech is protected under the first amendment and our right to meet without the threat of violence is guaranteed by the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

A few hours after my talk with Mr. Contois, I received a call from someone identifying himself as, Rabbi Matt Berger of a local synagogue who said he was calling because "some of his congregants were concerned." I quickly assured him that his congregants had no cause for concern and that he and his congregants were more than welcome to attend our rescheduled meeting. I further assured him that we were eager to initiate a dialogue with the local Jewish community and to hear their ideas on how best to approach the problem of Jewish power and the devastation it was causing not only in White nations but in non-White nations like Palestine. He said he "did not want to dialogue" with me and ended the call.

As I said, within 5 hours of the start of the business day I received a call from the head librarian, asking me at the behest of the city manager to reschedule our meeting. Within a few hours of that I received multiple calls from the media and a local rabbi. How does the posting of some goofy, left-wing, (probably) drug-abusing college kid turn into a full-court press involving media, synagogues, and local public officials?

It couldn't happen without backing from the most powerful interests in our country. Who are these people? What is their aim? Why are they so determined to stop half-a-dozen Whites from talking about interests of concern to them in a public meeting place?

This is the real story that Ms. Reis and her cohorts should be reporting. Why isn't the media reporting on these thugs that are attempting to intimidate hard-working, tax-paying White Americans? Why aren't they investigating who their financial supporters and top organizers are? Why isn't law enforcement? After all, threatening violence is a crime and groups like One People's Project are clearly hate groups engaged in domestic terrorism. The final question is when are White people going to stand up to this abuse and hold our public officials accountable for allowing these violent hate groups to operate unchecked?

The Art of Suppression, Part II
The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win

(Editor's note: This group, in tandem with the black mayor pro tem of Charlotte, NC was also responsible for forcing the cancellation of another event, the American Renaissance Conference, attended by White rights advocates, meeting in that city two weeks ago. This is a crime that they have been committing - and getting away with, aided and abetted as they are by the powers-that-be - all over the country for years.)