October 4, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #6

Myth #6: America Owes Reparations to Blacks in America

Like the “Whites Are Guilty of Slavery” myth, this myth has long been a fantasy of radical racist elements in the black community and their globalist supporters. Also like that myth, a dispassionate examination of the facts, shows that America owes blacks nothing, in fact, blacks owe America. As already established, Africans are responsible for enslaving blacks and Jewish slave traders are largely responsible for transporting them to American, so why would America owe them reparations?

Slavery in America was largely beneficial to Africans. Contrary to the Hollywood “whips-on-tortured-backs” version of slavery, in the American south, blacks were treated very much like members of the family by their White slave owners. In 1936, Franklin Roosevelt's administration collected as many of the surviving slaves as they could find, in order to record their memories for posterity. Of the over 2000 former slaves that were found, none claimed to have ever been whipped and the majority of them proclaimed that their lives, as slaves, were easier and more congenial to them than the lives they lived after having been freed. Further, their descendants now get the benefit of living in the most prosperous country on earth.

Not to mention, since their emancipation the black community has been the recipient of over one trillion dollars, through dozens of social welfare programs, from White America.

Almost as many Whites died in the Civil War, which resulted in the emancipation of blacks (600,000), than the total number of blacks that were brought to America in bondage. If anything was owed blacks, it was paid – in-full – by the end of the Civil War.

Why should Americans as a group, have to pay for slavery, when the overwhelming majority of Americans today (White and black) are descended of people, who either immigrated to these shores after the Civil War had ended, or are recent immigrants to this country themselves?

Finally, blacks beat, rob, rape, and kill hundreds of thousands of Whites every year, including raping roughly 40,000 White women and killing about 4,500 Whites, per year. In the nearly century-and-a-half since blacks were freed they have raped and/or killed more than twice the number of Whites, than the total number of blacks brought to America in the Middle Passage Slave Trade. Clearly, if reparations are owed, it is something blacks owe to America.


cybercutealicious@yahoo.com said...

It isn't that blacks rape. Its that hoardes of them GANG RAPE and MUTILATE very young 11 and 12 year old girls. Recently in Manchester NH a 12 yr old girl was punched so hard in the face by a black she REFUSED that her 2 front teeth flew out.

JEWS were the slave traders not the whites. Blacks need to learn their history. Their main trading center of providence ri was all jewish families

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show all people from Worcester are ignorant, not just the blacks. I'm embarrassed.