September 27, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #2

Myth #2 - Whites Are Guilty of Slavery and Must Be Held Accountable

Slavery is an ancient custom, traditionally practiced by all peoples. The most enslaved people in history have been White people. In fact, the word “slave” comes from the practice of ancient Near Easterners capturing and enslaving “Slavs,” a White, European people. This White slave trade continues to this day. White Europeans themselves have a very brief slave-trading history. Although slaves were traded among the tribes of Europe, the practice was limited in scope. The idea that Whites are the most “guilty” of slavery is based on claims made about the “Middle Passage Slave Trade,” involving Africans being brought to the Americas. This practice was, in historical terms, very brief. Although it began in the 16th century, it didn't become common until the early part of the 18th century and was ended in 1808. The numbers of Africans brought to what is now the United States is estimated to have been less than 650,000. This number pales in comparison to the number of blacks enslaved by their fellow Africans during this period and is only a tiny fraction of the 10's of millions of Whites enslaved by Jews, Turks, Africans, and others throughout history. Further, almost every slave brought here was enslaved by another African and transported here in a Jewish-owned ship. If slavery is the greatest evil - and those that have practiced it are guilty and deserving of punishment - then we should be examining how best to bring to justice the blacks, Jews, Arabs, and Turks, who are responsible for the bulk of enslaving and slave-trading.

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