February 19, 2010

One Random Act of Whiteness

Recently one of the Connecticut members of a regional White Rights group, North East White Pride (NEWP), I'm also a member of, posted an inspirational story to the group's web forum. This story is so typical of members of the group that I thought I'd share it with my readers to give them an insight into the "mentality" of the folks involved in White Rights and Advocacy. Here it is (slightly edited for clarity):

(Posted to the NEWP forum on Feb. 17, 2010)

So I am on vacation right now. I decided to run some errands in my hometown. Check the po box and stuff. Off of the highway overpass I saw a guy standing on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign in his hand. I got off of the highway and pulled in to the Dunkin Donuts where he was at. I read the sign. Him and his wife and 4 kids were homeless and he was asking for any help. . . . so I went over and talked to him and introduced myself. He was happy just for the fact that I came and talked to him. I talked to him about his story and to make sure he wasnt some crackhead. He was legit. He was telling me how ashamed he was standing there but he had to make money to provide and keep them in a cheesy nasty hotel room to stay warm.

He shook my hand and thanked me for talking to him. He asked what my "88" pin meant and I told him the truth and he said that was awesome of me to take the time to chat. And we talked about illegals taking our jobs. I went to my truck and gave him a pair of gloves to wear because it was cold. I went and bought him a coffee and bacon egg and cheese from the Dunkin Donuts and a gift card to get coffee or what not. I gave him $5 and a pack of cigs. I stood with him for over an hour. He kept saying thank you so much and that he couldnt believe that someone would actually help out like this. I told him this is what we do. He wanted my phone number for when he gets back on his feet. he said he wouldnt forget this help. I told him not to worry.

So....a cop drives by. But...he already talked to a cop earlier who said he could stand there as long as he didnt cause a disturbance. Well this is before I was standing there with him. I guess the world is a different place for people when Tyrant is around. The cop spun back around and came flying in the parking lot. She got out of the car and asked for our I.D.s and what we were doing there and what the sign said. We gave our I.D.'s and she was asking if we knew each other. The guy said no...this nice guy bought me coffee and a sandwich and is talking to me about my situation. Well here comes cop car #2 with two officers in it. The cop car drives towards me and drives right in to my leg. I hit the hood slightly and bounced off the cruiser. The cop held his hands up and went whoops. I'm fuming at this point. They put us both on the hood and search us. They asked me if I had a bomb on me lol. like seriously?

My I.D. would not return to me for another 30 minutes. They were TRYING to find something. So the car that hit me had a black and puerto rican cop in it. I had my flight jacket on with all my pins. The p.r. [Puerto Rican] cop says oh someone in the Hitler movement? I said "yep something like that" He said amen to that brother. Then he started asking me about all my pins like he didnt know. But i have no shame in anything so i explained my pins and where i come from. These cops already know who i am. Cop car #3 arrives with 2 more cops in it. The p.r. cop says someone here is a celebrity and they all looked at me. They started asking about CT Hate groups and I gave them a run around. The black/jamaican cop said i was an 'angel'. apparently hes religious and believes i was the homeless guys angel. he said racist or not he respects the fact that i took the time and went out of my way to help someone in need in the bad economy and said he doesnt blame the guy for standing there trying to make money for his family.

So bottom line is a half hour later I got my i.d. back and it was clean of course. They told the guy he had to go because he was soliciting. The cops offered him a ride to the hotel. And the jamaican cop said no he has an angel here. He said lets go and that I would take care of him. Weird and f@@Ked up s@@t huh? I took the guy back to the hotel and gave him a NEWP card and said to contact us when hes back on his feet. He said after meeting me and seeing how WN are...that he will do anything to help out.

Editors Note: Many people have offered donations of food, clothing, and money to help the young father featured in this story. If you'd like to help please contact Aryan Volk of Midgard, a charitable organization, founded to help White folks, who have been harmed by the negligent/corrupt policies of our government (like out-of-control non-White immigration, endless wars for Israel, and forced integration), get back on their feet.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story and a great act of kindness.

DixieDestroyer said...

I can appreciate the kindness. It appears the old adage is correct..."no good deed goes unpunished".

MomOf4Boys said...

People need to understand that these are the types of things we as a people do for our own. Of course, the news media will always focus on the negative. The fight at a rally (which is usually caused by the "other side") etc... What they don't know about is the things we do inside. Stuff for our POW's, for our families that have hit on hard times or who have health issues, or as in your story, the RAOW we do on a daily basis. We are NOT monsters as the media would make us out to be. These are the moments we as Whites need to focus on and continue. People need to use this RAOW as an example and continue along these types of actions. Than you for sharing this story and for your dedication to our race.

Anonymous said...

Do not attack other races, but also do not waste resources to them.

Resources we whites produces should be used to uphold only our own. That's called racism and it's perfectly natural and moral to discriminate for ones own kind.

White people should already have stopped supporting multiracial society and corporations. Don't become total hermit but live detached from the system and especially it's imagery. We are not politcal parties, ideologies or fancy logos on baseball caps. We're people.

No racism leads logically to destruction of ones race - kinda like what's happening now in white countries. Tolerance is ethnic suicide.