February 6, 2010

The 25 Most Important Pro-White Organizations

(Editor's Note: I recently published an updated list of important pro-White websites. To see it, click here: The 35 Most Popular Pro-White Websites. Also there's a more complete list of pro-White sites here: Praxis Mag Source Feed.

As most of my readers are aware, White people are under attack. From demands that we leave countries, over-seas, that we built; to demands that we accept the invasion of hostile non-Whites into our indigenous lands; to intentional changes in our way of life that rob us of our traditions, denigrate our heritage, lie about our past, and destroy our culture; to deliberate changes in our national policies that harm us and favor those that wish to continue to harm us; we are being hounded, attacked, and even "genocided" all over the world.

Fifty years ago, Whites were roughly 33% of the world's population, today we are less than 13% and shrinking. It is estimated that by the end of this century - if current anti-White trends continue - we will constitute less than 3% of the world's population. As globalization increases and the tiny minority of ultra-rich globalists and their collaborators continue to expand their power and impose one-world government on us, we will be a tiny, despised, and oppressed minority without any hope for justice.

We must prevent both the decimation of our population and the impositions of a "one-world government" on our people. The best way to do that is to become informed and get active in the struggle against the globalist agenda. I've compiled a list of organizations that are committed to helping you do just that. Here's a count-down of 25 that I consider to be most important. These organizations run the gamut from political parties, to cultural preservation societies, to educational institutes, to commercial enterprises, to news/entertainment media outlets. Some of them are nascent and not well-developed yet, but that is why it is important for you to get involved and ensure they develop to a point where they can be useful in our struggle against genocide. Visit their websites, learn what they are about, and get involved.

25. Racist-Jokes
What is it?
Just as it sounds, Racist-Jokes is a large collection of racially-oriented jokes. Visitors can not only read, but post jokes to the site.

Why is it important?
It's important because, in this business, we all need a laugh sometimes, plus it can develop into a traffic generating hub, that points those racially unreconstructed enough to enjoy a site of this nature, to other, more important sites.

24. European Americans United (EAU)
What is it?
EAU is a White Rights Advocacy group built around the simple concept that racial preservation is moral. Although racially-aware they are not explicitly Jew-wise.

Why is it important?
This group offers good White people the opportunity to organize and fight for their rights in a world increasingly intent on robbing them of those rights. It also has a news division and an education section. They are developing a home-schooling curriculum that could prove crucial to our people's self-preservation.

23. Original Dissent (OD)
What is it?
OD is an online bulletin-board or forum. It was originally named Texas Dissent and preserves those origins in its "paleo-conservative" outlook. It has gained an international membership of bright, committed, and extremely helpful folks.

Why is it important?
It offers all of the same benefits of other forums, but it's constituency of older, more mature (elder-statesmen?) folks makes it more suitable for newbies than the other more raucous, off-putting forums.

22. Institute for Historical Review (IHR)
What is it?
The IHR is a site devoted to accurate historical research, with a focus on events of the early to middle part of the last century.

Why is it important?
Simple - it exposes the myths, inaccuracies, and outright lies of those that won WWII and therefore were able to (re-)write history.

21. David Duke Report
What is it?
The David Duke Report is an alternative news site.

Why is it important?
Dr. Duke and crew do a great job of presenting original investigative reports and explaining the events of the day from the correct perspective, rather than with the usual biases of the Jewish-controlled "Mainstream Media."

20. Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC)
What is it?
Like European Americans United above, the CofCC is a national organization dedicated to the preservation of White cultural achievements and the advancement of our interests. It is older and more experienced than EAU, which is why I ranked it higher on the list. It also differs from EAU in that it is explicitly Christian. EAU has no religious association.

Why is it important?
It's a place where racially-responsible White people can get active in preserving a future for their children.

19. Local 1488
What is it?
Local 1488 is an online shop owned and operated by good White people.

Why is it important?
Every purchase you make goes to the good White owners and they spend it in a racially-responsible way, including supporting other sites they run like Racist-Jokes above and North East White Pride, a local activist organization in New England. If Whites are to make any inroads into the depredations against us, we must develop a market-place that is outside of the control of the Jews and their collaborators. Local 1488 is a good first step toward that goal.

18. CasteFootball
What is it?
A sports news and analysis site.

Why is it important?
It exposes the blatant anti-White biases present in the Jew-controlled sports of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, and more. If you like sports, you'll love CasteFootball. It, and its complementary forum, are the best sources for sports-related news on the web.

17. Resisting Defamation
What is it?
Its purpose is to fight against the campaign of defamation so frequently expressed against the diverse white American peoples by media, films, government officials, college professors, and texts.

Why is it important?
Those that would destroy us, believe that power is essentially the ability to define, valorize, and label. They use this power to induce, what they call, "cultural pessimism in White males." In other words, they use it to rob White men of our confidence, so that we will meekly accept subjugation and ultimately our destruction. Bo Sears has created a portal where you can learn not only about their tactics and strategies, but how you can resist them.

16. U.S. National Militia Directory (USNMD)
What is it?
Just as it says. A directory of constitutional militias.

Why is it important?
Every able-bodied White man between the ages of 17 and 45 is a member of the Militia by law. You should exercise this right. The USNMD helps you find a Militia in your area.

15. Gun Owners of America (GOA)
What is it?
GOA is the nation's premier gun-rights advocacy group. Its leader, Larry Pratt, has proven his racial loyalty, repeatedly, in the past by speaking to explicitly pro-White groups.

Why is it important?
That other gun-rights group is suspect in some of its dealings. Mr. Pratt and company won't disappoint.

14. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH)
What is it?
Like the IHR above CODOH maintains an extensive library of works related to the "Holocaust."

Why is it important?
It is a well-designed, organized, and run site that is committed to exposing the truth about the so-called "holocaust."

13. American 3rd Position (A3P)
What is it?
An explicitly pro-White political party.

Why is it important?
Both "mainstream" parties are openly hostile to the interests of White people. The A3P is a necessary ingredient of the recipe to restore the rights of White people and advance our interests.

12. Metapedia
What is it?
A user-editable online encyclopedia.

Why is it important?
Access to reliable information is central to freedom. Unlike that other online encyclopedia (Wikipedia) it was not founded by a Jewish pornographer and therefore lacks all of the usual biases one would expect from such origins.

11. Eurspace
What is it?
A social networking site explicitly for White people. (As of this writing the site was down, due to the fact that it was being upgraded.)

Why is it important?
All other people have sites devoted to them. Whites need areas that are off-limits to non-Whites so that we can rest, relax, recreate, and network, without their corrupting influences.

10. ANU News
What is it?
A news aggregation site.

Why is it important?
ANU News collects the most important news of the day, from the most trustworthy sources, and presents it to the public. If the right of the people to comment on the news is infringed by the source then that source can't be trusted. ANU News allows its readers to comment without uncalled for moderation or registration procedures.

9. Voice of Reason Radio Network (VoR)
What is it?
A pro-White radio network online. A source of, as prominent program host, Dr. Tom Sunic, likes to say, "staggering erudition."

Why is it important?
This should be self-explanatory. News by, for, and about White people and their interests is an imperative if we are to maintain viability.

8. National Policy Institute (NPI)
What is it?
The first (and only, as of this writing) pro-White think tank/policy institute.

Why is it important?
We need quality research, ideas, and writings presented to the public at-large as well as to those in power. NPI provides it.

7. Aryan Volk of Midgard (AVM)
What is it?
AVM is a national charity with a focus on helping good White folks who have been harmed by the disruptions to our society caused by our nation's treacherous leadership and the policies like Affirmative Action, Open Borders, and endless wars for Israel that they've imposed on us. The linked site is he forum for the charity.

Why is it important?
As the saying goes, "charity starts at home." Whites are the most benevolent, charitable people on earth, we need to start directing that charity toward our own and stop benefiting those that despise us. AVM will help you do just that.

6. The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ) & The Occidental Observer (TOO)
What is it?
The Occidental Quarterly is (as it's title would suggest) a quarterly publication that addresses the ongoing denigration and displacement of the diverse European peoples. The Occidental Observer is its online companion site (although TOQ is published online now, as well).

Why is it important?
They reclaim and rehabilitate lost events and personalities from our rich history, restore our cultural artefacts, and give us the tools necessary to retake our societies from the hostile aliens that currently rule over us. They are the most informative and reliable sources of written information for White people.

5. The Political Cesspool
What is it?
The Political Cesspool is a no-holds barred, weekly, 3-hour radio program broadcast nationally and online every Saturday night that pulls no punches concerning the elements that harm White society.

Why is it important?
It gives you the information necessary to make informed decisions about your future.

4. American Dissident Voices
What is it?
A series of radio broadcasts, by Dr. William L. Pierce and his associates dating primarly from the 1990's and early double-aughts. The shows broadcast prior to Dr. Pierce's passing in July of 2002 are of particular interest.

Why is it important?
Dr. Pierce examines and identifies the causes of White cultural and racial decline and gives a penetrating assessment of those who, in his opinion, bear primary responsibility - the Jews and their allies. His focus is on how they use the media to destroy us and on what we can do to counteract their control of our media.

3. Culture Wars
What is it?
Culture Wars is a website by Catholic traditionalist scholar, E. Michael Jones. Dedicated to exposing the ongoing and clandestine Jewish war on Christianity, particularly as it applies to Catholicism. He is non-racialist and, in fact, often expresses disdain for racial-consciousness. This makes his site no less compelling, or perhaps even moreso, because despite its racial neutrality it identifies the Jews as the primary culprits of the destruction of Western Civilization.

Why is it important?
The site's primary importance are two books that it sells. Libido Dominandi and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. The former exposes how the Jews use sexuality to subjugate the masses and the latter is Jones's Magnum Opus it is a master-work exposing the Jewish root of every movement - from Marxism, to multi-culturalism, to feminism - detrimental to Western Society.

2. Kevin MacDonald
What is it?
Dr. Kevin MacDonald's personal website containing his works examining the psychological underpinning of the Jewish desire to destroy everything White.

Why is it important?
Professor MacDonald's works are an imperative for any one trying to understand why Jews behave as they do and what we might do to protect ourselves from their continuing depredations.

1. Stormfront
What is it?
Put simply, as the oldest, biggest, most trafficked online forum in the world it is the center of mass of the pro-White movement.

Why is it important?
If you want to get involved in pro-White activism this should be your first stop. There are sections where you can learn the rudiments of White identity, get the scoop on breaking news stories, by civilians on the scene with their cellphones and Blackberries all long before the MSM drones are even aware that a story has broken, and places where you can learn to bake a peach cobbler, or grow a vegetable garden. When you're ready you can even find people in your own area to get involved with.


Anonymous said...

Awesome list! Definitely a few links I'll be checking out closely.


Anonymous said...


OBAMA 2012!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous who wrote:


It is obvious from the depths of your commentary that you are very well informed.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad to see that European Americans United made the list! I am a chapter coordinator with EAU, and I am pleased to report that real progress is being made. At the core of EAU are our ethical framework and our mainstream appeal. I encourage anyone reading this that is concerned for the future of our people, and is sincerely searching for an effective vehicle to reclaim our future, to take a hard look at EAU.

Anonymous said...

Many means of Internet communication are biased in favor of sound bytes. Thus, I can anonymously throw out a few comments, monosyllables such as "LOL" and "Lame" and "Ghey," on fifty sites in a morning's reading without ever stopping to think about any of the information I have glanced over.

Attempts to present complicated and subtle ideas are easy to shoot down on the Internet, where most participants have low social investment. Note that in professional circles, only professionals with considerable investment in ideas bother to discuss ideas.

Matt Parrott said...

#20? Did somebody from the Council of Conservative Citizens kick your dog this morning?

DixieDestroyer said...

ANU News, ANU.org and Caste Football are some of my favorites...thanks for posting them!

PW said...

"Local 1488"

I would think twice about linking to any pro-White website with the number 88 in it: the number 88 is Neo-Nazi parlance for 'Heil Hitler,' the letter 'H' being the 8th letter of the alphabet.

Modern pro-White activists must detach themselves from the Neo-Nazis and skinheads since they stigmatize pro-White views.

I recommend linking to the excellent pro-White website 'Occident Dissent' instead of the '1488' one - http://www.occidentaldissent.com/

Anonymous said...

StormFront #1??? Come on now! If anyone has ever been on there they would know that place is full of antifa scum pretending to be on our side. It's just a place for "brothers and sisters" to log on and complain, and do the same thing they were doing last year.


dkmeller said...

I realize that it is a tough call, and that adding one means removing another, but I think your list, and your readers, lost something when you forgot to include American Renaissance (amren.com).

The Newsletter,and website, managed by the outstanding White advocate Jared Taylor, provides food for thought of vital interest to Whites.

It has been publishing continuously since 1990, and has become better with time!

David K. Meller

Tanstaafl said...

Modern pro-White activists must detach themselves from the Neo-Nazis and skinheads since they stigmatize pro-White views.

I think it's more sensible for pro-Whites to detach ourselves from people who try to stigmatize us.

LaLee said...

Russ, i'm posting my reply to your comment on splcenter which said:

"Note to Lefty Loons: The scumbags involved in silencing these men, did so by threatening violence, not “economic sanctions.”"

I would like to know if you have any proof of "The scumbags" who "involved in silencing these men" by "threatening violence, not “economic sanctions.”"

Oh and the proof has to have relevance to the matter of American Renaissance conference cancellation, not some non sequitur about what Black Panther did back in 2008 general election or things like that.

Anonymous said...


You guys are precious.

realistic said...

Tanstaafl said...
Modern pro-White activists must detach themselves from the Neo-Nazis and skinheads since they stigmatize pro-White views.

So true. No pro-white movement will ever succeed if interpreted as hate or supremacy. Wise up tough guys. Worthy cause but poor management on your part. Same reason David Duke cant get elected as he is crippled by his KKK roots.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked out or even heard of Northwestfront.org? HAC and his members are doing what so many other pro whites need to do, to secure the existance of our people and provide a future for white children.
It sickens me to see so many white people do nothing more than sit behind a computer screen complaining of the way it is and the way things are going to be. Are you "man" enough to think for yourself and do what needs to be done?

Anonymous said...

"Modern pro-White activists must detach themselves from the Neo-Nazis and skinheads since they stigmatize pro-White views."

In whose eyes? In case you haven't noticed we get defamed and stigmatized without any reason. Ever watched television or news? It's sheer idiocy to limit your thinking and action to boundaries set by your enemy.

If they attack us, then they're our enemy. If you appease your enemy, then you have already losed. How has that 'I'm not racists' etc. worked this far?

It's as much error to accept the strawman image given by your enemy. Simpeltons embrace the cartoon image that our (recently discovered) enemy gives of it's opponents.

Anyone who anonymously suggests appeasing should be considered a infiltrator.

And it's not the crass Hitler-imagery that's the problem but mental masturbation in general. We are not words or mental images. That's just juvenile fantazising.

What use is grenade necklace? How does it help our people? You might as well be playing with LEGO guys. You could use those resources to buy seeds. They supprot rebuplicans which means they are not white. I'm not saying one should categorically oppose rebuplicans, but to embrace them (or any other party) as your identity this late is just retarded. And what about that southern girl patch? Whites should be destroying pornography instead of being proud of their sluts.

Here's the only image we need.

If you, the leaders on the crest of the wave who have opened their eyes, continue using the same mindset, rhetoric, values and taboos as before and implanted upons us by the PTB, then the masses will follow you and the same dynamic will just keep on rolling.

Nothing will change if you keep on groveling in front of 'nazi' and 'racist'. It requires that you research and think these issues.

Jared Taylor does not advocate anything white. Jared Taylor advocates continuing the same power dynamics of whites being subordinate to jews. AmRen is just intellectual version of ChimpOut.com. The same thing with all these geneticists and conservatives. I call them cerebral whites, since they uphold the word construct 'white' instead of their biology.

Here's the famous AmRen conference for your knowledge.

They have info, use it, but they are not us. It's a good place to start if one is a bit timid but guide your fellow whites forward. It's not a place for whites to dwell in. It's an intellectual confine and the new PC-pasture. Don't get fooled by the changing imagery, what doesn't change is the dynamics and the idea of permissible topics and constraints.

Jamie Kelso said...

Hi, this is Jamie Kelso. It's great to see that you have http://reasonradionetwork.com on your list. Thanks. I do the daily show there, live. Thank you also for including The American Third Position political party. I'm Exec. Asst. to A3P Chairman William Daniel Johnson. We're at http://american3p.org. I hope that my forum WhiteNewsNow gets a look from you and consideration for inclusion on your list of good pro-White websites. WhiteNewsNow is at http://www.whitenewsnow.com. Our U.S. traffic rank on Alexa is at #16,000, which is good. Thanks again. Oh, may I also recommend another website I started about a year ago, on which the entirety of Instauration magazine is being made available to patriots for free: http://www.instaurationonline.com.

Jamie Kelso said...

P.S. from Jamie Kelso. I should have included some contact information in my preceding post. Anyone can phone me at any hour at 561 351-4424. Or email me at 24.7keyboard@gmail.com. Or add me as jameskelso as a Skype contact. Hey, here's another website to consider, one of the great ones, Bob Whitaker's: http://www.whitakeronline.org. You'll find "BUGS" there...that is, Bob's Underground Graduate Seminar in pro-White activism.

Anonymous said...

this is alot of good information but you make no mention of the kkk why is that?

Anonymous said...

White people, guard your women, and your men, from blacks and Asians! Why? Compare the appearance of whites with black and Asian hybrids, and compare the success of all white countries and states with few hybreds with Asian and black hybrid countries! Compare their IQs, technology, wealth, economy, lifetyle, politics, crime rate!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see the Pro-white sites. Please vote in Nov.2012. That muzzie pig in Our White House must be sent back to Chicago, better yet, sent back to Kenya.

White people who are part of groups that are just violent are no better any other dirt bag criminal gangs that inhabit L.A. White people must educate themselves, get into the work force, and get into the political process. But at the same time we must protect ourselves. Workout! Get strong!

Henryk Fantazos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Please for the love of us all vote in 2012, thats what we have to do, our self worth and lives are at stake here whites. As soon as other whites snap out of it then we can make this country greater wake up white America before its to late !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the time for talk is over. we need a plan of action. once they take the guns we will never be free again.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about white nationalists separating themselves from skin-heads and neo-nazis,i would agree.However,we must remember that,while skin-heads and neo-nazis may actually exist,the terms are also widely used by the jewish media to smear ALL racially-conscious white people who want to address our government`s treacherous policies and their effects on white americans.People on both sides of the issue need to understand how the enemy deliberately and consciously uses labels such as "neo-nazi","skinhead","white supremacist","hater","racist",etc.Using these labels not only helps the jewish media to control dissidents and their threat to the jewish agenda,it also brings in millions in donations to fraudulent and criminal organizations,like the SPLC and ADL who pretend to "fight hate" while secretly working to abolish the first and second amendment.

Imperial Wizard said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the top 25 pro-white disinformation orgs..The orgs. are not specifically defined with specifically defined exact words. This allows the anti-pro-white orgs.ect.. to pick out those not precisely defined words and spin different meanings to what the org. might or might not mean. The best pro-white orgs. are not listed here . Their discrptions are simple and precise , no general terms / words.

Anonymous said...

It is time for white America to stand up for their civil rights and rally against racist blacks and racist black organizations. Blacks destroy communities. Segregation is a good thing. Bring it back. The racism against whites so brain washed is rampant. Whites are forced to live with blacks. Blacks are different. Awful

Anonymous said...

The proof of what you say is self evident. Europeans built roads and bridges that lasted 2000 years, while Africans still struggled to invent the wheel. Compare the accomplishment of the Sistine Chapel with straw and mud huts, a structure which represents the height of African engineering. Modern medicine, dentistry, automobiles, aircraft, space craft, ships, etc, etc, etc, were almost uniformly invented or made usable by Caucasians.

I suppose that the African proverb related to taking a village to raise a child is true when 75% of children do not have a father figure and 50% are not even sure who their father is.

Anonymous said...

I am a white woman with 3 beautiful blue eyed white children and married to one pissed off 200lb white man! I now live in the Midwest (smothered by mexicans) But i am from the Southeast (crawling with blacks). I am 100% Pro White and I would love to get involved in as many Pro-White Organizations. Thank you for this list and I will look into each and everyone of these. One thing that I would like to ad is... Sitting behind a computer and posting news and thought will only take you so far. We need to be out and be heard in flesh and make a stand. Make the news about US!!! Have folks write books about the changes we made... maybe even one day we will have a holiday of our own and a whole month that belongs to US because one or two or hundreds or thousands or maybe even more white people went out and was MADE to be heard..... Whatever it takes... PLEASE STAND AND BE PROUD!

Charlie Galatas said...

Thanks for the list.

1) Stop buying from companies that don't like whites, especially white men.

2) White men should begin having at least 3 children.

3) Work with your local politicians to vote down "Affirmative" Action.

Russell A. James said...

Great points! I especially like number one. Every dollar we give 'em is a dollar they use against us.



1st...Liberal educators are teaching(aside from the subject they are supposed to be teaching) that the white man owes the black man for decades of oppression, slavery and segregation. I DO NOT owe anybody anything. I did not own slaves and neither did my ancestors, I did not oppress anyone and I never segregated anyone.

2nd. I am of Polish descent. Speaking only of Poland, Poles have been oppressed, put into slavery and have been segregated in their own country. The Russians and Cossacks did a lot of murdering and slaving. The Nazis invaded Poland and MURDERED all Polish military officers not to mention Polish Jews.

3rd. Most of the slaves that were put into slavery were sold by other BLACK AFRICAN TRIBES that captured members of other tribes. Blacks put other blacks into slavery..

4th.. There is and has been slavery of all races around the world....

5th.. The welfare system was the cause of whites and blacks to breed morons. Welfare made it so the more babies one had the more cash they could get, no matter where "the bebbies dahdies are".. So that is one of the reasons the American Politicians are trying to take rights away from citizens because they think all are welfare receiving moronic retards....BUT there are still more hard working productive law abiding American citizens but the way the Libs are giving non productive people free money it is starting to change.

6th. I will do anything to protect my family and myself from the dangers of predators. And if I am a older white male with a gun, so be it, I have the right to protect me and mine..




Anonymous said...


Greg Swamp said...

ScamFront? LMAO!
David Duck? LMAO!
On and on.

CJ said...

Don't forget the best White nationalist sites:

"White Genocide Project"

"White Rabbit Radio"
"Horace the Avenger"
BUGS online. (bob whitaker)
Spread the truth!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NSM88.ORG -- The National Socialist Movement
"Putting Family, Race and Nation First while Fighting to Secure American Jobs, Manufacturing & Innovation" -- "America's Premier White Civil Rights Organization - Fighting for White Civil Rights"

Anonymous said...

I don't see how racist jokes applies to our struggle against deliberate discrimination by inferior human waste. We must call for laws outlawing Islam, we do not have to accept religion just because it is a religion. We say no to everything we like to say no to, because we are a wild animals and vicious beast.
We say no to degenerate Alex Jones and his cowardness and zionism.
If I become chief of the world 50,000 will depart everyday because it makes me feel good, and the armed services will guarantee it fulfills my quota because its wholesome.
One day you will enter my world because I desire it, and no god or dominion will prevent our destiny. You have my word. I refuse all enemies to the service of our will. So put your cowardness in your crotch because your day and calling is coming.
Otherwise head out now weaklings! Let the Lord of amdon subdue your sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Yes,A Very good List But I want to say that I am working in the interest of a White America No Snoop Zoggy Zog here and that's a good thing.
14/88 In Minnesota

Anonymous said...

It is our duty to Stand United against the ever-increasing Tyranny against the white race. We must preserve our future because we are the most evolved human beings, and the first subspecies of the human race to be able to comprehend, design, and implement the structure of civilized society that we enjoy today. Never be ashamed of who you are and never be afraid to pronounce your pride of being white, as the media and the Jewish population that created the concept of Tolerance, would want you to do. Even though it's not socially acceptable, we are the superior race- not because of racism or prejudism, but because of the facts surrounding our racial evolution ( the fact that we developed eye color, and hair color to entice the opposite sex because of our evolved way of thinking was more than simple reproduction. Also as I previously stated that we are the first to think of civilized society, and implement it in a working fashion where everybody is a part of a system, and works for a common goal- which has advanced the human race to our present state. There are so many more obvious facts that others will try to deny, but they are there if you're not afraid of seeing the truth...)

It is our destiny to rule this world as we have, and your obligation to advance our race, and protect it at any opportunity, by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

People, People , People, (caucasians ) Know your true heritage! On the 6th day God created the ethnic peoples of the world, and it was all good! on the 7th day God rested, on the 8th day god looked back, noticed he hadn't created his lineage, a tiller of the soil, husbandman to the beasts of the field. Noah's family was selected to survive the flood because they hadn't mixed with the fallen angels. God hates mixing, whether between the ethnic peoples of the world or the Fallen angels. Juda was but one of the tribes of Israel, the other 11 tribes were taken as slaves our brothers Juda escaped for a short while . When God freed the 11 tribes he scattered them North over the caucuses mountains ,being known as caucasians, settling europe, later migrating to America and Canada.
Our forefathers were great bible scholars,our imigration system was designed for those who were scattered by God north of the caucuses mountains ( Europeans) Not the ones that made us slaves !!! (The Arab tribes )Our natural enemies, remember the Crusades, nor the mexicans nor the Orientals or the blacks . Segregation was the last attempt to keep 6th and 7th day creation from mixing, failing to prevent the mixing God takes back the blessings that he bestowed to his bloodline (caucasians, America) so that the ethnic peoples are deprived . The first one that descends from the clouds claiming to be Jesus is the imitation Christ! (satabn) Don't be deceived ! The end is nigh !

Anonymous said...

^ Truth.

Tony Bigcharles said...

i would appreciate knowing a PRO WHITE organization i can join in the coming days without fees that protects whites physical safety in poor neighborhoods. some of us arent very strong physically, have autism, and worry of being robbed daily because we're poor. Pray Trump wins in 2016 so we can again trust the DOJ to prosecute.

too many of these pro white groups hate jews. the jews are jesus's people, whites and jews should unite against moslems and blacks. id like pro white groups who dont have hostility for jews, and i dont know which groups those are

Anonymous said...

You are so mistaken. WOW

Darrell Esau said...

Please don't forget the http://NAPWP.org/ National Association for the Protection of White People (NAPWP)

It is the older than all of the above organizations having been founded in 1968.

Email them at info@NAPWP.org

NAPWP said...

You forgot The National Association for the Protection of White People (NAPWP): http://NAPWP.org/

Anonymous said...

L.a county

Anonymous said...

Also look into morgue data. L.a .county some college data from cadavers . data states,Asians brains are bigger that Africans.and whites brains are bigger than Asians. Whites brains size is 30% bigger than blacks. Whites brains average size 1400 cc to 1580cc while blacks brain size 1140cc to 1300cc. Explains the white I.q. differnce

Anonymous said...

Wow most defiantly most medicine and tech has been invented by whites

Anonymous said...

Asians come from Denison line whites come from Neanderthal line (biggest brain) and Africans come from aziotic line.most primitive.there is a failsafe in 15%the genes of whites . which prevent mixing with lower races.(negative blood) unfortunately doctors will help white women overcome this firewall!!unfortunately!!!

Scott33 said...
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Jack Smith said...

How are we pro-white individuals going to find and align with other white now that the internet has become totally black racist? They have shut down free speech light they have shut down our heroes, statute, national anthem and right to identity.

I will not give up. I want to fight those bastards and build more pro-white power.

This is a minority parasite police state and I can find no groups or blogs to visit, much less join. Any suggestions?


Myers Dojo said...

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