October 4, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #6

Myth #6: America Owes Reparations to Blacks in America

Like the “Whites Are Guilty of Slavery” myth, this myth has long been a fantasy of radical racist elements in the black community and their globalist supporters. Also like that myth, a dispassionate examination of the facts, shows that America owes blacks nothing, in fact, blacks owe America. As already established, Africans are responsible for enslaving blacks and Jewish slave traders are largely responsible for transporting them to American, so why would America owe them reparations?

Slavery in America was largely beneficial to Africans. Contrary to the Hollywood “whips-on-tortured-backs” version of slavery, in the American south, blacks were treated very much like members of the family by their White slave owners. In 1936, Franklin Roosevelt's administration collected as many of the surviving slaves as they could find, in order to record their memories for posterity. Of the over 2000 former slaves that were found, none claimed to have ever been whipped and the majority of them proclaimed that their lives, as slaves, were easier and more congenial to them than the lives they lived after having been freed. Further, their descendants now get the benefit of living in the most prosperous country on earth.

Not to mention, since their emancipation the black community has been the recipient of over one trillion dollars, through dozens of social welfare programs, from White America.

Almost as many Whites died in the Civil War, which resulted in the emancipation of blacks (600,000), than the total number of blacks that were brought to America in bondage. If anything was owed blacks, it was paid – in-full – by the end of the Civil War.

Why should Americans as a group, have to pay for slavery, when the overwhelming majority of Americans today (White and black) are descended of people, who either immigrated to these shores after the Civil War had ended, or are recent immigrants to this country themselves?

Finally, blacks beat, rob, rape, and kill hundreds of thousands of Whites every year, including raping roughly 40,000 White women and killing about 4,500 Whites, per year. In the nearly century-and-a-half since blacks were freed they have raped and/or killed more than twice the number of Whites, than the total number of blacks brought to America in the Middle Passage Slave Trade. Clearly, if reparations are owed, it is something blacks owe to America.

September 30, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #5

Myth #5: Racial Profiling Is the Reason for Non-Whites' Higher Crime Rate

This old canard claims that "racial profiling" is the reason that non-Whites are overwhelmingly over-represented as the perpetrators of crimes in the FBI's Uniform Crime Report and National Crime Victimization Survey. Profiling is a useful law enforcement tool that accounts for no more than 1-3% of all the arrests and convictions of criminals nationwide. If these incidents were expunged from the public record the non-White population would still commit crimes at a rate exponentially greater than the rate at which Whites commit crimes. The vast majority of criminals are caught and convicted after a police report is filed and an investigation is done. No profiling is involved. Non-Whites are over-represented in the prison population for one reason only - they commit significantly more crimes than do Whites.

September 29, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #4

Myth #4: Non-Whites Are Penalized More Harshly by the Justice System for the Same Crimes

To the contrary, most evidence points to the fact that Whites are held to a much higher standard regarding crime than any other group. Crime is so rampant in some non-White communities that “minor” infractions, like the possession of small amounts of drugs or possession of unregistered firearms, without a license, are routinely over-looked by law enforcement. “Crimes” that are routinely enforced in majority-White communities, like traffic violations and jay-walking, are unheard of in America's inner-cities. Entire categories of crimes, like “hate” crimes are selectively enforced, almost solely, against Whites, even though Whites are much more likely to be the victims of such crimes than the perpetrators of them. Jury nullification is so rampant in non-White communities (see the O.J. Simpson and Reginald Denny cases) that it is virtually impossible for prosecutors to gain a conviction against non-Whites if their victim is White. The recent dismissal of a case involving Black Panthers, caught on video engaging in voter intimidation, vividly demonstrates the unequal enforcement of the laws. The White population, of entire states, is under a form of consent degree (the Voting Rights Act) forcing them to divulge to the federal government any changes to their voting practices, in order to prevent them from “intimidating” non-White voters. And finally, perhaps the most egregious area, where Whites are discriminated against by the criminal justice system, is in the area of immigration. While non-Whites, from every nation on earth, are flooding into our nation in violation of our immigration law, it is only White Europeans that are routinely rounded-up and sent back to their countries of origin for simple violations like missing a check-in or overstaying their visas.

September 28, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #3

Myth #3: Whites Have Some Special Kind of "Skin Privilege"

This is another of the rare race myths that can be traced back to its originator. The accusation, that Whites benefit from some form of “skin privilege,” was first made by Noel Ignatiev, a former Harvard University staff member, and has now gained favor, under the rubric of “Whiteness Studies,” on college campuses nationwide. On its face, the idea is preposterous, Whites (particularly White men) are the most discriminated against group in America. Whites are not awarded extra points for their racial identity in college admissions. There are no set-asides for Whites in government hiring and contracting. Whites are disproportionately charged with so-called “hate crimes” (while at the same time being disproportionately victimized by such crimes). Whites are not allowed to advocate on behalf of their group's collective interests, without being labeled “racist” (a word coined by Communist agitator Leon Trotsky), there are no White lobbies in Washington DC looking after the interests of European-Americans, Whites are the only group that it is acceptable to accuse of racism, and they are disproportionately sued - and found at fault - for racial harassment. And this only touches on the most common forms of institutionalized anti-White sentiment. Anti-White racism practiced by non-Whites is even more prevalent. Whites are overwhelmingly the targets and victims of violent inter-racial crime. Whites are an order of magnitude or more, more likely to be beaten, robbed, raped, or killed by a non-White than they are to be the perpetrator of such a crime against a non-White. In addition, White countries, communities, and families are being overrun by non-Whites, which in turn has the genocidal affect of robbing Whites of their traditions, denigrating their heritage, confusing the facts concerning their history, and destroying their culture and way of life.

September 27, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism": Myth #2

Myth #2 - Whites Are Guilty of Slavery and Must Be Held Accountable

Slavery is an ancient custom, traditionally practiced by all peoples. The most enslaved people in history have been White people. In fact, the word “slave” comes from the practice of ancient Near Easterners capturing and enslaving “Slavs,” a White, European people. This White slave trade continues to this day. White Europeans themselves have a very brief slave-trading history. Although slaves were traded among the tribes of Europe, the practice was limited in scope. The idea that Whites are the most “guilty” of slavery is based on claims made about the “Middle Passage Slave Trade,” involving Africans being brought to the Americas. This practice was, in historical terms, very brief. Although it began in the 16th century, it didn't become common until the early part of the 18th century and was ended in 1808. The numbers of Africans brought to what is now the United States is estimated to have been less than 650,000. This number pales in comparison to the number of blacks enslaved by their fellow Africans during this period and is only a tiny fraction of the 10's of millions of Whites enslaved by Jews, Turks, Africans, and others throughout history. Further, almost every slave brought here was enslaved by another African and transported here in a Jewish-owned ship. If slavery is the greatest evil - and those that have practiced it are guilty and deserving of punishment - then we should be examining how best to bring to justice the blacks, Jews, Arabs, and Turks, who are responsible for the bulk of enslaving and slave-trading.

September 26, 2010

25 Myths About Race and "Racism"

An updated and expanded edition of this article is available here: 25 Myths about Race: Myth 1 - Race Is a "Social Construct"

I'm working on a project to debunk the 25 most repeated myths about race and "racism." I've found that projects like this often benefit from multiple view-points, so I'm going to post one myth a day - until the list is complete - in the hopes that you will offer your suggestions, recommendations, and criticisms.

Myth #1: Race Is a Social Construct

Race is a biological fact that goes much more than skin deep. For almost a century physical anthropologists have been able to identify the race of an individual's remains by a cursory examination of his or her bones. Because of the vast differences among the races, modern medical science is increasingly focusing on the race of the patient. The Human Genome Project has clearly identified three races of humans (that correlate directly to those long identified by physical anthropology): Caucasian (Europeans, Middle Easterners, and North Africans), Negro (Sub-Saharan Africans), and Mongoloid (Asians and American Indians). The myth that “race is a social construct” is one of the few that can be traced back to an actual individual. It was created by Frans Boas, who forked anthropology by creating a branch of it known as “cultural” anthropology, in order to advance the idea that race is not a biological fact and only a “social construct.”

February 19, 2010

One Random Act of Whiteness

Recently one of the Connecticut members of a regional White Rights group, North East White Pride (NEWP), I'm also a member of, posted an inspirational story to the group's web forum. This story is so typical of members of the group that I thought I'd share it with my readers to give them an insight into the "mentality" of the folks involved in White Rights and Advocacy. Here it is (slightly edited for clarity):

(Posted to the NEWP forum on Feb. 17, 2010)

So I am on vacation right now. I decided to run some errands in my hometown. Check the po box and stuff. Off of the highway overpass I saw a guy standing on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign in his hand. I got off of the highway and pulled in to the Dunkin Donuts where he was at. I read the sign. Him and his wife and 4 kids were homeless and he was asking for any help. . . . so I went over and talked to him and introduced myself. He was happy just for the fact that I came and talked to him. I talked to him about his story and to make sure he wasnt some crackhead. He was legit. He was telling me how ashamed he was standing there but he had to make money to provide and keep them in a cheesy nasty hotel room to stay warm.

He shook my hand and thanked me for talking to him. He asked what my "88" pin meant and I told him the truth and he said that was awesome of me to take the time to chat. And we talked about illegals taking our jobs. I went to my truck and gave him a pair of gloves to wear because it was cold. I went and bought him a coffee and bacon egg and cheese from the Dunkin Donuts and a gift card to get coffee or what not. I gave him $5 and a pack of cigs. I stood with him for over an hour. He kept saying thank you so much and that he couldnt believe that someone would actually help out like this. I told him this is what we do. He wanted my phone number for when he gets back on his feet. he said he wouldnt forget this help. I told him not to worry.

So....a cop drives by. But...he already talked to a cop earlier who said he could stand there as long as he didnt cause a disturbance. Well this is before I was standing there with him. I guess the world is a different place for people when Tyrant is around. The cop spun back around and came flying in the parking lot. She got out of the car and asked for our I.D.s and what we were doing there and what the sign said. We gave our I.D.'s and she was asking if we knew each other. The guy said no...this nice guy bought me coffee and a sandwich and is talking to me about my situation. Well here comes cop car #2 with two officers in it. The cop car drives towards me and drives right in to my leg. I hit the hood slightly and bounced off the cruiser. The cop held his hands up and went whoops. I'm fuming at this point. They put us both on the hood and search us. They asked me if I had a bomb on me lol. like seriously?

My I.D. would not return to me for another 30 minutes. They were TRYING to find something. So the car that hit me had a black and puerto rican cop in it. I had my flight jacket on with all my pins. The p.r. [Puerto Rican] cop says oh someone in the Hitler movement? I said "yep something like that" He said amen to that brother. Then he started asking me about all my pins like he didnt know. But i have no shame in anything so i explained my pins and where i come from. These cops already know who i am. Cop car #3 arrives with 2 more cops in it. The p.r. cop says someone here is a celebrity and they all looked at me. They started asking about CT Hate groups and I gave them a run around. The black/jamaican cop said i was an 'angel'. apparently hes religious and believes i was the homeless guys angel. he said racist or not he respects the fact that i took the time and went out of my way to help someone in need in the bad economy and said he doesnt blame the guy for standing there trying to make money for his family.

So bottom line is a half hour later I got my i.d. back and it was clean of course. They told the guy he had to go because he was soliciting. The cops offered him a ride to the hotel. And the jamaican cop said no he has an angel here. He said lets go and that I would take care of him. Weird and f@@Ked up s@@t huh? I took the guy back to the hotel and gave him a NEWP card and said to contact us when hes back on his feet. He said after meeting me and seeing how WN are...that he will do anything to help out.

Editors Note: Many people have offered donations of food, clothing, and money to help the young father featured in this story. If you'd like to help please contact Aryan Volk of Midgard, a charitable organization, founded to help White folks, who have been harmed by the negligent/corrupt policies of our government (like out-of-control non-White immigration, endless wars for Israel, and forced integration), get back on their feet.

February 6, 2010

The 25 Most Important Pro-White Organizations

(Editor's Note: I recently published an updated list of important pro-White websites. To see it, click here: The 35 Most Popular Pro-White Websites. Also there's a more complete list of pro-White sites here: Praxis Mag Source Feed.

As most of my readers are aware, White people are under attack. From demands that we leave countries, over-seas, that we built; to demands that we accept the invasion of hostile non-Whites into our indigenous lands; to intentional changes in our way of life that rob us of our traditions, denigrate our heritage, lie about our past, and destroy our culture; to deliberate changes in our national policies that harm us and favor those that wish to continue to harm us; we are being hounded, attacked, and even "genocided" all over the world.

Fifty years ago, Whites were roughly 33% of the world's population, today we are less than 13% and shrinking. It is estimated that by the end of this century - if current anti-White trends continue - we will constitute less than 3% of the world's population. As globalization increases and the tiny minority of ultra-rich globalists and their collaborators continue to expand their power and impose one-world government on us, we will be a tiny, despised, and oppressed minority without any hope for justice.

We must prevent both the decimation of our population and the impositions of a "one-world government" on our people. The best way to do that is to become informed and get active in the struggle against the globalist agenda. I've compiled a list of organizations that are committed to helping you do just that. Here's a count-down of 25 that I consider to be most important. These organizations run the gamut from political parties, to cultural preservation societies, to educational institutes, to commercial enterprises, to news/entertainment media outlets. Some of them are nascent and not well-developed yet, but that is why it is important for you to get involved and ensure they develop to a point where they can be useful in our struggle against genocide. Visit their websites, learn what they are about, and get involved.

25. Racist-Jokes
What is it?
Just as it sounds, Racist-Jokes is a large collection of racially-oriented jokes. Visitors can not only read, but post jokes to the site.

Why is it important?
It's important because, in this business, we all need a laugh sometimes, plus it can develop into a traffic generating hub, that points those racially unreconstructed enough to enjoy a site of this nature, to other, more important sites.

24. European Americans United (EAU)
What is it?
EAU is a White Rights Advocacy group built around the simple concept that racial preservation is moral. Although racially-aware they are not explicitly Jew-wise.

Why is it important?
This group offers good White people the opportunity to organize and fight for their rights in a world increasingly intent on robbing them of those rights. It also has a news division and an education section. They are developing a home-schooling curriculum that could prove crucial to our people's self-preservation.

23. Original Dissent (OD)
What is it?
OD is an online bulletin-board or forum. It was originally named Texas Dissent and preserves those origins in its "paleo-conservative" outlook. It has gained an international membership of bright, committed, and extremely helpful folks.

Why is it important?
It offers all of the same benefits of other forums, but it's constituency of older, more mature (elder-statesmen?) folks makes it more suitable for newbies than the other more raucous, off-putting forums.

22. Institute for Historical Review (IHR)
What is it?
The IHR is a site devoted to accurate historical research, with a focus on events of the early to middle part of the last century.

Why is it important?
Simple - it exposes the myths, inaccuracies, and outright lies of those that won WWII and therefore were able to (re-)write history.

21. David Duke Report
What is it?
The David Duke Report is an alternative news site.

Why is it important?
Dr. Duke and crew do a great job of presenting original investigative reports and explaining the events of the day from the correct perspective, rather than with the usual biases of the Jewish-controlled "Mainstream Media."

20. Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC)
What is it?
Like European Americans United above, the CofCC is a national organization dedicated to the preservation of White cultural achievements and the advancement of our interests. It is older and more experienced than EAU, which is why I ranked it higher on the list. It also differs from EAU in that it is explicitly Christian. EAU has no religious association.

Why is it important?
It's a place where racially-responsible White people can get active in preserving a future for their children.

19. Local 1488
What is it?
Local 1488 is an online shop owned and operated by good White people.

Why is it important?
Every purchase you make goes to the good White owners and they spend it in a racially-responsible way, including supporting other sites they run like Racist-Jokes above and North East White Pride, a local activist organization in New England. If Whites are to make any inroads into the depredations against us, we must develop a market-place that is outside of the control of the Jews and their collaborators. Local 1488 is a good first step toward that goal.

18. CasteFootball
What is it?
A sports news and analysis site.

Why is it important?
It exposes the blatant anti-White biases present in the Jew-controlled sports of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, boxing, and more. If you like sports, you'll love CasteFootball. It, and its complementary forum, are the best sources for sports-related news on the web.

17. Resisting Defamation
What is it?
Its purpose is to fight against the campaign of defamation so frequently expressed against the diverse white American peoples by media, films, government officials, college professors, and texts.

Why is it important?
Those that would destroy us, believe that power is essentially the ability to define, valorize, and label. They use this power to induce, what they call, "cultural pessimism in White males." In other words, they use it to rob White men of our confidence, so that we will meekly accept subjugation and ultimately our destruction. Bo Sears has created a portal where you can learn not only about their tactics and strategies, but how you can resist them.

16. U.S. National Militia Directory (USNMD)
What is it?
Just as it says. A directory of constitutional militias.

Why is it important?
Every able-bodied White man between the ages of 17 and 45 is a member of the Militia by law. You should exercise this right. The USNMD helps you find a Militia in your area.

15. Gun Owners of America (GOA)
What is it?
GOA is the nation's premier gun-rights advocacy group. Its leader, Larry Pratt, has proven his racial loyalty, repeatedly, in the past by speaking to explicitly pro-White groups.

Why is it important?
That other gun-rights group is suspect in some of its dealings. Mr. Pratt and company won't disappoint.

14. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH)
What is it?
Like the IHR above CODOH maintains an extensive library of works related to the "Holocaust."

Why is it important?
It is a well-designed, organized, and run site that is committed to exposing the truth about the so-called "holocaust."

13. American 3rd Position (A3P)
What is it?
An explicitly pro-White political party.

Why is it important?
Both "mainstream" parties are openly hostile to the interests of White people. The A3P is a necessary ingredient of the recipe to restore the rights of White people and advance our interests.

12. Metapedia
What is it?
A user-editable online encyclopedia.

Why is it important?
Access to reliable information is central to freedom. Unlike that other online encyclopedia (Wikipedia) it was not founded by a Jewish pornographer and therefore lacks all of the usual biases one would expect from such origins.

11. Eurspace
What is it?
A social networking site explicitly for White people. (As of this writing the site was down, due to the fact that it was being upgraded.)

Why is it important?
All other people have sites devoted to them. Whites need areas that are off-limits to non-Whites so that we can rest, relax, recreate, and network, without their corrupting influences.

10. ANU News
What is it?
A news aggregation site.

Why is it important?
ANU News collects the most important news of the day, from the most trustworthy sources, and presents it to the public. If the right of the people to comment on the news is infringed by the source then that source can't be trusted. ANU News allows its readers to comment without uncalled for moderation or registration procedures.

9. Voice of Reason Radio Network (VoR)
What is it?
A pro-White radio network online. A source of, as prominent program host, Dr. Tom Sunic, likes to say, "staggering erudition."

Why is it important?
This should be self-explanatory. News by, for, and about White people and their interests is an imperative if we are to maintain viability.

8. National Policy Institute (NPI)
What is it?
The first (and only, as of this writing) pro-White think tank/policy institute.

Why is it important?
We need quality research, ideas, and writings presented to the public at-large as well as to those in power. NPI provides it.

7. Aryan Volk of Midgard (AVM)
What is it?
AVM is a national charity with a focus on helping good White folks who have been harmed by the disruptions to our society caused by our nation's treacherous leadership and the policies like Affirmative Action, Open Borders, and endless wars for Israel that they've imposed on us. The linked site is he forum for the charity.

Why is it important?
As the saying goes, "charity starts at home." Whites are the most benevolent, charitable people on earth, we need to start directing that charity toward our own and stop benefiting those that despise us. AVM will help you do just that.

6. The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ) & The Occidental Observer (TOO)
What is it?
The Occidental Quarterly is (as it's title would suggest) a quarterly publication that addresses the ongoing denigration and displacement of the diverse European peoples. The Occidental Observer is its online companion site (although TOQ is published online now, as well).

Why is it important?
They reclaim and rehabilitate lost events and personalities from our rich history, restore our cultural artefacts, and give us the tools necessary to retake our societies from the hostile aliens that currently rule over us. They are the most informative and reliable sources of written information for White people.

5. The Political Cesspool
What is it?
The Political Cesspool is a no-holds barred, weekly, 3-hour radio program broadcast nationally and online every Saturday night that pulls no punches concerning the elements that harm White society.

Why is it important?
It gives you the information necessary to make informed decisions about your future.

4. American Dissident Voices
What is it?
A series of radio broadcasts, by Dr. William L. Pierce and his associates dating primarly from the 1990's and early double-aughts. The shows broadcast prior to Dr. Pierce's passing in July of 2002 are of particular interest.

Why is it important?
Dr. Pierce examines and identifies the causes of White cultural and racial decline and gives a penetrating assessment of those who, in his opinion, bear primary responsibility - the Jews and their allies. His focus is on how they use the media to destroy us and on what we can do to counteract their control of our media.

3. Culture Wars
What is it?
Culture Wars is a website by Catholic traditionalist scholar, E. Michael Jones. Dedicated to exposing the ongoing and clandestine Jewish war on Christianity, particularly as it applies to Catholicism. He is non-racialist and, in fact, often expresses disdain for racial-consciousness. This makes his site no less compelling, or perhaps even moreso, because despite its racial neutrality it identifies the Jews as the primary culprits of the destruction of Western Civilization.

Why is it important?
The site's primary importance are two books that it sells. Libido Dominandi and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. The former exposes how the Jews use sexuality to subjugate the masses and the latter is Jones's Magnum Opus it is a master-work exposing the Jewish root of every movement - from Marxism, to multi-culturalism, to feminism - detrimental to Western Society.

2. Kevin MacDonald
What is it?
Dr. Kevin MacDonald's personal website containing his works examining the psychological underpinning of the Jewish desire to destroy everything White.

Why is it important?
Professor MacDonald's works are an imperative for any one trying to understand why Jews behave as they do and what we might do to protect ourselves from their continuing depredations.

1. Stormfront
What is it?
Put simply, as the oldest, biggest, most trafficked online forum in the world it is the center of mass of the pro-White movement.

Why is it important?
If you want to get involved in pro-White activism this should be your first stop. There are sections where you can learn the rudiments of White identity, get the scoop on breaking news stories, by civilians on the scene with their cellphones and Blackberries all long before the MSM drones are even aware that a story has broken, and places where you can learn to bake a peach cobbler, or grow a vegetable garden. When you're ready you can even find people in your own area to get involved with.

January 1, 2010

Hiatus Status

As many of you have probably noticed I haven't published an entry in a while. I've been very busy with work and other commitments and hope to get back to posting regularly in a few months (maybe March).

Till then, I wish everyone a Happy New Year.