August 8, 2009

Rally in Support of East Haven's Police Department

North East White Pride (NEWP), New England's premier White rights and advocacy organization, is rallying in support of East Haven, CT's mayor, city council, and police department. These entities continue to bravely enforce the country's immigration law, despite pressure from powerful organized interest groups to force them to stop.

Latino Unity in Action (Unidad Latina en Accion), an illegal advocacy group that advocates illegal activity in the Hispanic community, is attempting to strong-arm the local authorities into not enforcing the law in East Haven. Their tactics have been successful in other Connecticut communities like nearby New Haven, to the detriment of those communities. Several NEWP members have attended E. Haven city council meetings and ascertained the mayor's resolve to stand firm in her commitment to honor her sworn duty and enforce our country's immigration law - and NEWP will stand with her.

For any who wish to join us, the rally will begin at:
12pm Saturday, August 15, 2009 near
687 Main St. in East Haven, Connecticut.
For more information please visit North East White Pride's website.

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YourTrueEnemy1488 said...

East Haven needs our support. I hope all reading this can attend to counter protest these illegal, virus, tax evading, forgery committing criminals. Americans need to stand up for whats right. ICE and our Zionist government won't help, but small time town government and local law enforcement can still enforce the law. Utilize your local law enforcement and help deport these criminals.