July 13, 2009

White Nationalist Debate on the Morning Liftoff Show

As many of you know, I discussed White Nationalism and the issue of White Rights on George Russell's Morning Liftoff show this morning.

Here's a link to the 30 minute interview:

Russell A. James Interview on George Russell's Morning Liftoff

I think it went well, let me know what you think.


Adelheim_ said...

I think you made a lot of good points and you stayed on the offencive!

In an earlier post her you mentioned the term "NaziWhoWantedToKillSixMillionJews".

Have you heard about Bob Whitaker?

Russell A. James said...

Hey Adelheim,

Bob's great.

I may of heard that phrase first from him. But I've seen it used around the web.

Anonymous said...

Mr. James, congrats on the show. I think it did go well and you presented yourself and our views logically and coolly. You were certainly tenacious with Mr. Russell when he became bellicose. The lady on the show (Janine?) even agreed with you much of the time. Good job.


Russell A. James said...

Thanks Paul.

I received many critiques, in different forums, and most saw it the way you did.

Anonymous said...

You are a valuable asset to the white race. Your reasonable and well thought out approach will convert many. Thank you.

Russell A. James said...


Thanks for the kind words. I think our positions sell themselves, I just try not to screw-em up too much. ;)