July 27, 2009

Jews Preparing to Oust Obama?

It's said that pattern recognition is a sign of intelligence. So those who are intelligent, will recognize the very particular pattern that the Jewish men (Sumner Redstone, Jeff Bewkes, Robert Iger, Rupert Murdoch, Les Moonves, and Jeff Zucker), who run the six major media conglomerates, which in turn control 90% of America's media outlets, use to manipulate presidential politics.

If a president is able to achieve a second term in office, he is immediately put on notice by our Jewish Media Masters, that they are still in the driver's seat. They control the office of the presidency of a second-term holder by using a steady campaign of derogatory propaganda to limit the president's approval rating, in an effort to demonstrate to him that they are in control and if he thinks that a second and therefore final term in office is going to insulate him from their power, he is wrong.

With Nixon they used Watergate; Reagan, Iran-Contra; Clinton, Monica Lewinsky; and Bush the Iraq War to maintain a steady barrage of negative publicity against each so that he would be aware that he still had to do as he was told.

Most politicians understand that the Jewish Media-Money Matrix is the real power in Washington and that if they want to advance or even continue in their chosen professions they had better acclimate themselves to it. But many of them believe that if they can get a second term as president - because this signals the end of their careers and they will no longer be beholden to the media for positive press - they will be able to implement the policies they truly want to implement. A barrage of negative media attention by their Jewish masters, in a president's second term, is the means by which those masters demonstrate that they still hold the whip.

Those odd cases, in which a politician is able to reach the apex of his chosen profession and sit in the Oval Office without an understanding of Jewish Power, are always one term presidents. Jimmy Carter is the perfect example. He locked the Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, and the leader of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, in a room and forced them to negotiate a peace accord at Camp David in 1978. Foolish move. Begin was so incensed that Carter was ousted from office in 1980.

Is Barack Obama the next Jimmy Carter? Both men, by all accounts, have high IQs. Both have a bit of the messiah complex about them. And both seem to be completely oblivious of the fact that the Jews determine their fate.

Because of the tremendous power, their control of our media gives them, the Jewish puppet masters of our politicians can pick and choose which stories to highlight and which to bury, as well as, what value to assign to those stories. With Carter they chose to highlight the hostage crisis in Iran to the exclusion of almost all other stories and they chose to apply the value that the crisis was due to Carter's incompetence, thus ending Carter's career and ushering in the Reagan Era.

It seems the old dogs are up to their old tricks. They appear to be intent on using Obama's lack of citizenship as a lever to force his hand. As a former Muslim and a man with a very powerful black racist identity, Obama sides with all those he perceives as non-White against all those he sees as White. And he sees the Iranians as non-White and the Israelis as White, so he has sided with the Iranians in their conflict. This has made the extremely powerful Jews very angry and they are going to use the birth certificate issue to get Obama to do their bidding against Iran. If he doesn't, he will be out of office.

The only question is, will they wait for the next election cycle or not? I think not. They are already beginning to lay the groundwork for impeachment proceedings against him. They recently allowed Lou Dobbs to discuss his lack of citizenship on national radio and a Jewish kiosk owner is making national headlines for selling "Impeach Obama" stickers in a mall in North Carolina. Further, Israeli news sources are reporting that Israeli Jews are organizing anti-Obama rallies. They forced him to choose Biden as a running mate precisely because of this scenario. Biden has publicly declared himself an ardent Zionist. If Obama doesn't deal with Iran, Biden will be put in the Oval Office to do so.

Of course, the Jewish Controlled Media (JCM) will do as they always do and look for the magnification effect. In other words, they will look to see what other hay they can make from the scandal and rest assured after they oust Obama they'll find a way to blame "White Racism" for his removal.

Be intelligent, recognize the patterns.


Harsh_Henry14W said...

Excellent Blog post and every part of it was True.

Also I would point out that H.W. Bush had some issues with Israel regarding the linkage of loan guarantees with the settlements issue. Organized Jewry didn't like that and made sure to make him a one-termer as well.

Organized Jewry is EASILY the most powerful Political Faction in this country!

Russell A. James said...

Hello Henry,

I was unaware of that fact. I often wondered why George the Elder was allowed only one term.