July 21, 2009

Identity Politics - A Primer

Pat Buchanan wrote in is most recent column, "Why No Evangelical Justice," that:

. . . Republicans were warned not to give Sonia
Sotomayor the drubbing Democrats gave Robert Bork and Sam Alito -- lest they be perceived as sexist and racist by women and Hispanics -- the threat was credible, for it underscored a new reality in American politics.

What he didn't say is that, the reality it underscored has a name.

Liberalism is simply a mechanism whereby Western
Society is divided into different factions called "identity groups" which in turn are used to destroy the society in order to effect totalitarian global governance. This is called "Identity Politics."

The powers-that-be effectively divide our society into nine different "identities." Not all institutions classify in the same way but this division is representative of the whole.

Those identities are:
1. Jews
2. Homosexuals/feminists
3. Rich and upper-middle class White men
4. Asians
5. Lower-middle class and working class White men
6. Women
7. Hispanics
8. Blacks
9. Other

Although technically #5 has been stripped of its identity and is identity-less. I like to call the other identities, Privileged Identity Groups (or PIGs). The top four PIGs act together to form a ruling class with power distributed roughly as listed. In other words, Jews are the most powerful of the top four identity groups and Asians are the least powerful of those four groups.

The bottom four PIGs act as a permanently oppressed class which must be up-lifted in some way. The ruling PIGs define themselves as the protectors, enablers, and empowerers of the bottom four PIGs.

In order to do this they need an enemy, someone whom they can scapegoat as the oppressors. That leaves the one group that has been stripped of its identity - heterosexual, working class, White men.

If you look at this scheme you'll notice that this identity-less group is placed right, smack-dab in the middle.

Class is now defined as described above and White, heterosexual, working class men are now the despised middle class. Hence the phrase "war on the middle class."

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