July 7, 2009

The Freedom Papers

This past weekend's celebration of our country's independence from imperial tyranny, (the very tyranny that is again, threatening to enslave us - Jewish global banking interests) got me thinking about the founding documents that declared and defined the form of freedom our country would embrace. I like to call these documents "the freedom papers." The freedom papers are that well-known collection of documents; "The Declaration of Independence," "The United States Constitution," and the "Bill of Rights," that form the legal backbone of our federal union.

One reason, the Jewish Supremacists and their collaborators are so easily able to dominate the American people is that so few of the people understand these documents. In fact, few have ever even read them. Because of this, the masters of discourse often present us with "experts," that purport to explain the meaning of our legal code. These "experts" claim some title like, "constitutional scholar," and then proceed to intentionally misinterpret our laws. The number of these "experts" with Jewish names is astounding.

The remedy for this problem is for the average person to gain a better understanding of the freedom papers. Fortunately, one doesn't need to be a "constitutional scholar" to do this. The documents are all very short - the "Bill of Rights" is about 1-1/2 pages long and the longest of the documents, "The Constitution," is only about 15 pages long. A careful reading of all three can be done in about 2-3 hours. Our founding fathers wrote these documents to be understood by the stakeholders of society, so consequently, anybody with an above average IQ can easily read and understand these papers.

I recommend you get started today. Here's some links to the texts:

"The Declaration of Independence"

"The Declaration of Independence" states the case for the justification of going to war against the British Empire. It explains the steps the colonists took in an effort to ameliorate and repair the rupture that they felt had occurred between them and their sovereign, and then explains why they were left with no other option but war.

"The United States Constitution"

"The Constitution" explains the structure of the federal government and defines its powers and responsiblities. For instance, the federal government is limited, in criminal prosecutions, to only three cases: treason, piracy, and counterfeiting. Yet today, the federal government involves itself in all sorts of internal policing of the people, from enforcing draconian, unconstitutional "civil rights" laws to extending protection to women that want to kill their own unborn children. All of which are none of the federal government's business and are forbidden it by the constitution.

It also defines the three branches of the government - executive, legislative, and judicial and defines their structure and assigns their powers.

"The Bill of Rights"

"The Bill of Rights" lists ten rights of the people that the government must, under no circumstances, violate. It guarantees that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," yet there are more than 25,000 laws currently on the books, that do infringe on our rights to keep and bear arms.

Reading these documents will enable the reader to have a better grasp of the basic law of this country and give him a better sense of when his rights are being violated. The 2-3 hours it would take to read them could possibly well be the best spent hours of one's life.

For those who want an even more in-depth understanding of the law, The Federalist Papers, and The Anti-Federalist Papers are the source that real legal experts consult. They are longer and more advanced treatises, but are still very accessible to anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

I would also recommend reading your individual state's constitution. They can be accessed here:

list of state constitutions

Once one has finished reading these documents, he can claim to be at least as knowledgeable, on this topic as any of the "experts" one is likely to see on TV.


White Power said...

A very good idea. Everyone should read and understand these documents. I will begin reading them today. If everyone read and understood them then we would be one step closer to the fall of zog.

Russell A. James said...

Let me know how it goes.