February 14, 2019

The Foremost Problem Is Moving to Stormfront

Good news. This blog is moving to Stormfront. The transition might take several months. Current content will remain in place for historical purposes for as long as Blogger allows. You can follow us (and find all new posts) here: The Foremost Problem on SF.

This move was prompted by Alphabet Inc's (Blogger's parent company) checkered history when in comes to protecting free speech, particularly the free speech of heterosexual, White men. Alphabet Inc. and it's subsidiaries (think YouTube) have a long history of denying White men access to their platforms. The method they choose in doing this is particularly odious; they label any White man (and the occasional White woman) with a world-view that runs counter to their globalizing efforts a "neo-Nazi hater." They then use this rubric to deny them access to their platforms.

Of course, the reason they do this is because they are a completely Jew-dominated organization: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Ruth Porat are all Jews, for example. Further, they are Jews who have demonstrated a deep-seated fear of Whites and hostility toward any attempt on their part to pursue their legitimate collective interests.

We considered moving to Wordpress.com, given their reputation for protecting free speech, but they've begun a wave of anti-White censorship as bad as YouTube's.

So, we've decided that we can not, in good conscious, support any institution that does not support the right of White rights activists to speak their truth to the Jewish power structure and have decided to move to Stormfront which has a pro-White perspective, a large and active pro-White community, and a stable and very functional blogging platform.

We hope you'll join us there: The Foremost Problem on SF.

April 29, 2017

Ben Klassen Predicted What the Jews Would Do to Someone Like Trump if He Ran for President

The following excerpt is found on p. 51 of Ben Klassen's Nature's Eternal Religion, published in 1973.

Should any honest, natural leader of the White Race try to run for office and make it on his own, the gigantic propaganda machines that the Jews have at their disposal are immediately set in motion. Such a man is then smeared and attacked and vilified. Or sometimes the reverse tactic is used and he is completely blacked out so that the voters hardly know that he is even running. Should such a natural White leader make it despite all these handicaps, then the full power of the propaganda apparatus is brought into play to smear, besmirch and slander him, and downgrade him before the gullible public. The full resources of their money power is also brought into play and in the next election his opponent is well financed, given a tremendous build-up by the news media.

March 27, 2017

A Simple Fix to the Healthcare Crisis in America

Both sides in the health care debate have vested interests in screwing the pooch, so to speak, and little interest in solving the problem. Neither side ever asks, "What is the problem?"

The problem is simple to understand -- medical costs are too expensive in America. Fortunately, the solution is just as simple -- outlaw insurance.

Insurance -- whether traditional corporate insurance or state-controlled single payer -- acts as a subsidy on the health care marketplace. Like all subsidies, over time, it drives costs upward. This is because subsidies hide the true costs of goods and services (in this instance, for a short time) and people don't realize they're getting jobbed.

In the case of medical insurance, the "care providers" and the insurance companies collude to drive-up costs. Insurance companies negotiate with doctors, labs, and the pharmaceutical industry to set prices for things like doctor visits, blood tests, and medicine. And they often agree to pay more than they are worth because they know they can . . . read more

March 25, 2017

25 Myths about Race & Racism: Myth 1 - Race Is a "Social Construct"

We hear a lot today about how race is a "social construct". This is a Cultural Marxist canard aimed at preventing White people from organizing to defend their legitimate collective interests. You'll notice that it is only ever said to Whites when they're discussing their racial interests. It's never mentioned when blacks or other groups are blaming Whites for something in an effort to demean and dominate them.

The myth that “race is a social construct” is one of the few that can be traced back to an actual individual. It was created by Jewish "anthropologist", Franz Boas, who forked anthropology by creating a branch of it known as “cultural” anthropology in order to advance his antarian ideas about race. (It's enlightening to learn how many bad ideas and anti-White movements have Jews as their progenitors.)

The fact is that race is a genetic reality that goes much more than skin deep. For instance, physical anthropologists have been able to . . . read more

March 24, 2017

Holocaust or Hollow Hoax? 10 Reasons the "Holocaust" Never Happened

Over the last 40 years or so, due to the efforts of a small handful of extremely courageous Real Historians (often called "revisionists" but that term doesn't really apply, it more aptly applies to the Cultural Marxists who've lied to us about our history), the truth about the so-called "holocaust" has slowly come out. And that truth is simply that it never happened. It is the biggest of Big Lies.

I'm the first to admit I'm no expert on the topic but many of those, whom I've come to trust, are. During the last decade or so, after listening to many different people on the topic, I've come to believe the above statement that the "holocaust" never happened. The following are the 10 major reasons why I've changed my view on the topic. If you have proof that any of the following are wrong, please let me know in the comments.

10 Reasons the "Holocaust" Never Happened

  1. The World Almanac reported that the world's Jewish population was slightly larger just after the war than it was just before the war
  2. No Bodies: Nobody ever found anywhere near six million bodies
  3. No Gas Chambers: Nobody ever found a single gas chamber capable of killing humans, never-mind six million of them . . . read more

March 22, 2017

Whites Are the True People of Color

The true people of color?
Increasingly, over the last 25 years or so, the term "people of color" has been popularized by Cultural Marxists (aka "liberals" or "progressives"), as a label, to refer to people that are not White. It was developed as an alternative to the term "colored people" because that appellation came from a White cultural context and therefore was anathema to them.

Another reason for developing the term is that they wanted a phrase that would include all of humanity ("colored people" meant black people or people of mixed White and black descent) -- except for Whites. They felt they needed something that would exclude White people from the mass of humanity -- even though Whites are a tiny minority of the world's population (about 11-13%). So much for the good intentions of "the Left". They pay lip-service to concepts like "inclusiveness", "fairness", and "equality" but rarely practice it.

It's odd that they settled on "people of color" because Whites are the true people of color.

Technically, white is a . . . read more

March 20, 2017

The Queering of the West: The "Transgender" Agenda

Say it loud and say it proud: "transgender" is a scam.

There's no such thing as a transgender person because gender doesn't apply to people, it applies to language. Words have gender -- masculine, feminine, or neutral -- humans have sex -- male or female. It's a very simple issue, either you have a Y chromosome or you don't. Science has settled the matter.

OK. It's not quite that simple, sex is determined by the gene, SRY, which is a testis-determining factor. This gene is almost always carried by the Y chromosome (more on that below).

The promoters of the "transgender" agenda will sometimes refer to . . . read more

March 16, 2017

Feminism Is Not about "Gender" Equality

"Feminism" was never about equality between the sexes. (I use quotes around the word "feminism" because let's face it, there's nothing feminine about it.)

Equal means the same. Saying "two and two is four" is the same as saying "2+2=4". Men and women are not the same, they have very different musculoskeletal systems, reproductive systems, and brains. Which translates into profoundly different abilities and capabilities. In turn, this means they have profoundly different roles and profoundly different sets of responsibilities.

Traditionally the role of women was to have babies, breast feed them (the two things that not only do women do better than men, but men can't do at all), and take care of the home. Men were responsible for provisioning and protecting the family. Modernity abstracts the role of men, making it look as if anyone can do it. But the truth is, men still do those things much better than women. This is borne-out by all the evidence. For example, it is well known that single mother households are far less prosperous than family environments in which the father is present. And that prosperity isn't just financial. Not only do two-parent and single-father households make more money, but the children do better in life in every category. They're more educated, less prone to criminality, less likely to have children out of wedlock, and more likely to feel more "fulfilled" in every way.

"Feminism" encourages women to pursue meaningless "careers" in place of doing what comes natural, i.e. have and raise children. Can careers in counseling or marketing really be as fulfilling as . . . read more

November 16, 2016

Buy Christmas and Yule gifts and help to grow the Colchester Collection of Pro-White Books

You probably know that the Colchester Collection is the world's largest archive of pro-White books (1,258 titles and counting). Many of them available in free HTML and PDF versions.

But did you know that Amazon pays them a small commission (usually 4-6.5%) on anything and everything you purchase after clicking on one of their Amazon affiliate links? At no additional cost to you!

Keep 'em in mind when you're doing your Chistmas and Yule shopping this year and anytime you're in the mood to buy books or any of the 10's of thousands of items for sale on Amazon: The Colchester Collection of Digital Books: Home Page

May 17, 2016

The Real Mantra

The 14 Words are essential, and Bob's Mantra is great, but this is what needs to be in the minds (and on the lips) of every living White man, woman, and child:
White men are the rightful rulers of White Nations, the rightful leaders of our institutions, and the rightful heads of our families. Anyone, who says otherwise, is a genocidal maniac who must be brought to justice.

March 13, 2014

Understanding the Situation in Ukraine: A Compendium of Independent News, Commentary, and Analysis

Our view of the world is warped due to Jewish control of the "mainstream" media in the West. It colors what we see and shapes our opinions in a way that makes us malleable to the will of a relatively small group of ultra-wealthy, ultra-powerful Jews. The situation in Crimea is no different than any other news story. We are given a narrative, by the MSM, that supports organized Jewish interests and our governments engage the world based on that narrative.

Below is a list of articles, essays, blog entries, and videos (from a broad selection of sources that collectively could be considered "pro-White") explaining the problem. A variety of voices are represented, including: paleo-conservative, nationalist, National Socialist, and avant-garde New Right.

Some of the pieces shine a harshly critical light on Jewish Power, others are more moderate -- all have something worthy to contribute to the discussion and should be read by anyone wishing to step outside the strict confines of Jew-determined "political correctness" and seek a greater understanding of what is really happening in the world today.
(Note: Most of these are from the last few weeks. I'll add more as I find them -- so check back often)

January 5, 2014

Anti-White Gang Leader Ordered to Pay $50,000 for His Part in Violent Threats that Shut-Down Pro-White Conference

On Thursday (Jan. 3, 2014) an Oklahoma court ordered Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the black leader of one of the more active anti-White "antifa" gangs, to pay $50,000 in restitution to David Yeagley for interfering with Yeagley's contract to speak at the pro-White American Renaissance Conference.

In 2010 Jenkins, Jeffrey Imm, and other anti-white gang members called a hotel, that was scheduled to host the conference, with threats of violence if they allowed it to take place. Law enforcement did nothing, so Yeagley, one of the scheduled speakers, decided to take matters into his own hands and sued both Jenkins and Imm in civil court.

Imm appears to have settled out of court, but Jenkins insisted on his right to intimidate Whites in an effort to silence their voices, and counted on the anti-White courts to side with him. Yeagley's lawyers, W. Dan Nelson and Joe Sibley, are clever and experienced and were able to ensure that didn't happen.

The lawsuit against Jenkins accomplished three valuable objectives for the pro-White cause, it:
  1. forced Jenkins to close the online forum he had been using to organize his violent, anti-White activities
  2. forced him to pay monies which he will no longer be able to use to further his group's activities, and
  3. sent a message to other anti-Whites -- hoping to use the same methods in silencing Whites who speak-out against anti-White injustice -- that they will have to pay a price.
Finally, I had a brief run-in with Jenkins back in 2011, when his group was involved in an effort to stop a group of Whites, organizing to protect the interests of their fellow Whites, from using the conference room at the Worcester (MA) Public Library.

I blogged that story for the pubic record, as it was happening. See the following links if you'd like to know more:

The Art of Suppression
The Art of Suppression, Part II
The Art of Suppression, Part III: The Good Guys Win

January 1, 2014

Free Software and White Resistance

The powers-that-be seek control over code. They aim to control our language (lingual code), our laws (legal code), our technology (source code), and, more recently, even our genome (biological code). Why they do so is a fascinating, but complex topic that is outside the scope of this blog, however, I would like to talk a little about the White Resistance Movement's use of Free Software, which offers the promise of breaking the regime's control over our technology, which is an important step in stopping White Genocide.

I administer a small number of websites -- some mainstream, others pro-White -- and I've noticed a trend over the years. The visitors to my pro-White sites tend to use Free Software far more often than those to the more mainstream sites that I administer. So I thought I'd look into this tendency a little.

According to Net Applications, a company that tracks technology trends, the overwhelming majority of desktop computer users are running some version of Microsoft Windows, with only two other operating systems registering at all: Mac OS X and Linux.

Here's their breakdown:

Windows:  90.71%
Mac OS X: 7.43% . . . read more

December 29, 2013

The 35 Most Popular Pro-White Websites

(Editor's Note: There's a more complete list of pro-White websites here: Praxis Mag Source Feed.

It's that time of year when everyone goes list-happy.

A few years ago I did a list of "The 25 Most Important Pro-White Organizations." It is by far the most popular entry on this blog. To date, it has received more than 11 thousand page views and is still growing -- getting about 400 more every month.

The intention, at the time, was to update the list every year. That hasn't happened and it is a bit stale -- so I decided to do a new one. That list was subjective, simply a list of what I believed to be the most important pro-White sites, and a small blurb, for each, as to why I put them on the list.

This list is objective -- based on Alexa rankings, not merely my opinion. Also, this is just a list of the sites, no description.

Finally, according to Netcraft's web server survey for December 2013, there are more than 861 million websites in the world. That means that everyone of the sites, on this list, is in the top 1/10th of the top 1% of websites globally. We are starting to make inroads against the anti-White "mainstream" media.

Hope you find it useful.

(Editor's Note: The number beside each link is the global rank of the website as of the time this blog entry was published.)

35. White Genocide Project (729,537)
34. Racist Jokes (726,488)
33. Traditionalist Youth Network (723,960)
32. ANU News (715,306)
31. White News Now (560,034)
30. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (486,368)
29. Darkmoon (484,342)
28. The Political Cesspool (461,837)
27. Incog Man (458,251)
26. Institute for Historical Review (422,141)
25. Gun Owners of America (398,158)
24. Vanguard News Network (378,082)
23. The White Network (339,528)
22. MajorityRights.com (338,896)
21. Southern Nationalist Network (337,160)
20. Western Voices World News (242,358)
19. Occidental Dissent (218,785)
18. Alternative Right* (215,085)
17. DavidDuke.com (210,308)
16. The White Voice (199,774)
15. The Occidental Observer (179,043)
14. The White Resister (171,731)
13. Counter-Currents Publishing (163,062)
12. Total Fascism (155,609)
11. NumbersUSA (118,819)
10. The British Resistance (114,141)
9. VDARE (106,297)
8. British National Party (104,852)
7. Vanguard News Network Forum (83,704)
6. TruTube.Tv (71,377)
5. The Daily Stormer (58,629)
4. American Renaissance (53,290)
3. Metapedia (47,966)
2. Top Conservative News (46,982)
1. Stormfront (15,237)

If you know of a site that belongs on this list, please tell me about it in the comments section below (don't forget the link).

*Ownership of the Alternative Right's website URL reverted to it's original owner on December 25, 2013. The ranking is for December 22, 2013 -- three days before it expired. The link is to the new, temporary URL.

December 8, 2013

The Real Nelson Mandela

The Cultural Marxists, who control most of the institutions of power in the West (i.e. the government, the media, the academy, the NGOs, etc.), have created a central narrative designed to, as they put it, "induce cultural pessimism in white males." As part of this narrative they promote certain non-White men to near god-like status. So, deeply flawed black males -- like Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Barack Obama -- become the heroic protagonists of an anti-White "mainstream" narrative created in order to strip White men of their confidence and destroy their resistance to . . . read more